The Team

Board of Directors & Key Members

Senior Management

Andres Jennings

Business Development Director - Regional Manager Porto

Martin Spear

Regional Manager - West Algarve

Sales & Marketing

Nuno Ribeiro

Silver Coast Regional Manager

James Fordham

Hotel and Investment Broker

Liam Gould

Property Promotion Consultant

Tatiana Valente

Realtor - Central Algarve

Gergana Dimtchev

Realtor - Central Algarve

Accounts & Administration

Who we are

We are a group of individuals with a common goal. To use our expertise, knowledge and beliefs to grow and maintain a world-class company that gives us immense pride.

We only recruit top calibre staff as we know this is the most important part of the business. With this right everything else falls into place. Our characters and personalities are customer orientated with a natural tendency to show empathy but to give direction as necessary. It’s not always easy for us but we strive to be perfect. We absorb, we grow and we smile when we are complimented. That’s what we like and why we work so hard.

With half of the team based in Portugal we know all the benefits of living here - and it is a country in which we are mainly guests and so respect it and appreciate every ounce of it's freedom and sunshine.

Unlike many other property companies, we don’t just show you everything. We cherry pick, we find the best, we go to extreme efforts to find you the ideal property and give you the ideal solution. Portugal Property is proud to be a brand name that exudes quality, recognition and trust. We uphold those values and continue to show them every step of the way.

We have a wide cultural background with British, Irish, Danish, Russian, Chinese, French, German, Romanian, Spanish and Portuguese staff contributing to the cosmopolitan flavour of our company. How many companies can boast this diversity?

While every member of staff holds a position of responsibility we detail above some of our staff you are most likely to meet, email or speak to and if you haven't yet, pick one and start your journey to the sun.