The Buying Costs

The costs associated in buying property in Portugal.

Associated with every property purchase in Portugal are buying costs. They vary based on the price of the property and sometimes the type of development. We provide below an outline of these costs and what they cover.

Transfer Tax (IMT) and Stamp Duty:

These are the taxes charged by the Portuguese Government and apply to all property transactions.
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Lawyers Fees:

A lawyer can take care of all the legal issues involved in purchasing a property in Portugal. They will look after your interests at all stages of the transaction, making sure that all licenses are in place, that the contracts are in order to be signed and they will clarify any legal questions that you may have.

Notary Fees:

The Notary is the official department from the government that will give you the official certified documents that prove that you own the property.

Mortgage Stamp Duty:  

This is an additional tax based on the amount of mortgage that you may take.

Registration Fees:

The land registry will record you as the legal owner of the property and provide the lawyers with official confirmation.

Total Transaction Costs
Costs% of Purchase Price
Costs Paid by the Buyer2.40% - 10.80%

We recommend you budget 10% of the purchase price although it is often less than this. When you reserve a property in Portugal you are given an exact breakdown of the costs involved so you are able to plan ahead.

When you purchase an off-plan property in Portugal, one of the benefits is that only a small proportion of the buying costs are payable at the start. This is to cover the cost of the lawyers completing their preliminary checks. The rest of the buying costs are deferred until the Public Deed.

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