Our unique '10 Star Standard'

Why was it introduced?

For many years now we have been finding the best properties for our clients. To raise the standard still further we wanted our search to be objective rather than subjective. We wanted to compare the best properties against stringent criteria that would mean only the best of the best would be awarded the 10 Star standard. This gives our clients a clear and simple message – they are buying a property that is proven to be great for lifestyle and a solid investment.

What are the criteria for a 10 star property?

The ten different standards are listed below and subsequently explained in more detail.

  1. Location
  2. Value
  3. Investment
  4. Rental Potential
  5. Resale Potential
  6. Desirability
  7. Specifications
  8. Environmental Aspects
  9. Reputation
  10. Guarantees and Bonds


The property has to be situated in an area offering quality lifestyle with a variety of amenities with good simple access.


The price has to offer outstanding value for money and compare extremely well with similar properties in the area.


There has to be considerable indirect investment in the surrounding area creating the most likely scenario for capital appreciation greater than average.

Rental Potential

The property must be highly rentable and be able to achieve an income sufficient to cover the costs of the property and exceed the average rental yield. Properties in excess of one hour from the airport are excluded as this is a major disadvantage in securing rental income.

Resale Potential

The property must appeal to 85% of the clients we see. This will help achieve a quick and profitable resale as and when the need arises.


The property must have sufficient impact for clients to have the immediate desire to purchase. This includes quality finishing’s but the all important ‘wow factor’


The property must have quality finishing’s that fulfil the latest EU standards and include modern luxuries or be of above average quality for properties in the surrounding area.

Environmental Aspects

Properties must be ‘green’ and ‘friendly’.


This refers to the builder reputation. We insist on a proven track record. One where we can see the historic success built on good quality construction and client satisfaction.

Guarantees and Bonds

Just as extra back-up all properties must have all or part of the Portuguese House Buyers Guarantee or any rental guarantees must be backed up by a Bank Guarantee

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