Regions of Portugal

Your guide to the beautiful and diverse regions of Portugal.

  • The Algarve

    Sublime temperatures all year round, beautiful beaches, an abundance of golf courses, casinos, marinas, boat trips, nightlife and cuisine for all tastes.

  • The Silver Coast

    This has for many years been an elected spot by the Portuguese for their summer holidays and is now growing in international recognition mainly due to it’s beauty and the attractive low prices.

  • Lisbon & Lisbon Coast

    Built on seven hills, Lisbon is all but monotonous; it swerves, it turns, it goes up, its goes down...

  • Porto And The Green Coast

    The second largest and some say the most dynamic and forwardthinking city in the country; Welcome to Porto!

  • Alentejo

    Alentejo is situated in the south central region of Portugal about an hour south of Lisbon and just north of the Algarve.