Living in Portugal

Our guide to living in Portugal. What you need to know...

  • Demographics

    Learn about the demographic profile of Portugal, including population size, age structure, life expectancy and more.

  • Education

    Public schooling is free, but schools don’t give out any books or materials; financial support is given to low-income families.

  • International Schools

    There are several international and English schools in Portugal and the Algarve offering high standard education to foreign as well as Portuguese children and young people.

  • Health Care

    The quality of health care and health care facilities in Portugal has improved enormously during the last ten years and Portugal now has a good health care system.

  • Geography and Climate

    Portugal is situated in South Western Europe bordering the North Atlantic Ocean and the west of Spain.

  • Government and Economy

    Portugal is a democratic republic with an established system of government, both presidential and parliamentary.

  • Religion

    Approximately 85% of the population are Roman Catholics and most still want to be baptised and get married in church.

  • Transport

    The transport system in Portugal is well developed and the infrastructure is good with an excellent network of roads. Public transportation is cheap, easy and very efficient.