Medieval Town of Obidos

When you take a trip to Portugal, one must see place to go is the town of Obidos.

The Fantastic Medieval Town of Obidos

Located north of Lisbon, Obidos is a beautiful medieval that is rich in history. The historical value is so important, that the whole town of Obidos has been named as a national monument. With Obidos having such an important title, this means that the town is and will continue to be preserved with its original architecture.

The most famous piece of history for Obidos is the endearing name it’s been giving as the “Wedding Present Town.” Back in 1282 King Dorn Dinis gave his new bride Queen Dona Isabel a gift, the gift was the wondrous town of Obidos. From then until the 19th century, every Portuguese king would give his queen, Obidos as a wedding present.

Not only is the history behind the medieval town romantic, but so is the town itself. Very little has changed within centuries of the town’s establishment. This town surrounded by the original walls that made Obidos a formidable fortress. Visiting Obidos you will walk down the narrow cobblestone streets and view the quaint white-washed houses that have blue trimmings not only covered in flowers but also containing flower boxes filled with a colorful assortment of flowers. All throughout the town you will experience the influences of the yester years with Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic decorative and designs.

Since Obidos was known to be a queen’s dowry, it should not come by surprise that town has a castle. The Manueline style castle of Obidos is at the top of the town and is now a pousada – historical hotel. The Pousada de Óbidos, Castelo de Óbidos is located at the top of the town and is the first pousada to adapted and restored; and has been chosen to be one of the 7 wonders of Portugal.

For activities there are many things this charming town has to offer. You can try some Ginjinha which is a Portuguese liquor made from a fruit similar to a cherry called Ginja. The Lidador is a restaurant to where you can enjoy the mouth-watering taste of Obidos style pork loins and many other flavorful options from the menu. If you’re looking for something quick with fast food prices, check out Zina’s – here you can sample the codfish that people of Obidos are experts at preparing.

The Town Museum holds art collections and archeological finds from the 15th – 17th century. To see where in 1444, 10year old King Alfonso V married his 8 year old cousin Isabel, then make sure to visit the Santa Maria Church. Another beautiful church to see is the Misericordia Church, known for the exquisite Baroque doorway. Right outside the walls you will see the Amoreira Aqueduct and witness the splendor of ancient architecture.

The annual Medieval Fair that takes place in June brings visitors from around the world. Within the town you will find makeshift restaurants and shops, theater performances, and a host of educational fun. Then in November, Obidos hosts the International Chocolate Festival; here not only can you take part in witnessing elaborate chocolate sculptures, but this would be a good time to sample some delicious ginja chocolates.

There is much to see and do in the medieval town of Obidos. One trip and you will see why Queen Dona Isabel fell in love.