Fish & Shellfish, Peniche Leads the Way

Portugal is a country that is recognized for many wonderful features and this coastal region is especially renowned for fine, fresh seafood. It is Portugal’s northern shoreline that is recognized as one of the world’s chief fishing locations. Shellfish such as clams, mussels and oysters are another local specialty of Peniche and other northern cities.

The waters that brush against Portugal’s coast have long been recognized as some of the best fishing grounds in the entire world. As a result fishing, sailing and cooking seafood have become as refined in this country as any other artistic endeavor. Indeed there are many people who consider the Portuguese to be the leading experts on all things related to the oceans and seas.

For fine seafood Peniche is a top destination that is chosen by a majority of travelers who are visiting the country of Portugal. There are excellent restaurants located here that create exotic and local dishes that feature the talents of skilled chefs and the freshest seafood that it is possible to find.

Ribamar Beach, Ericeira and Porto de Barcas are also recognized as some of the best places to visit if you are searching for some spectacular dining moments. You can expect to find a variety of Portuguese seafood dishes being served at most of the region’s restaurants and the freshness of the ingredients makes these menu items an adventure that you dare not miss.

Many visitors will simply content themselves with savoring the flavors of grilled fish, fish stew, or baked oysters but there are some that want to enjoy the opportunity to fish for their dinner. You can find local fishermen that will arrange a trip out to sea where you can try your luck or you might want to fish from a nearby dock instead. There is always a great deal of activity along this coast and fishing activities are ongoing throughout the year.

Peniche is known for large catches of sardines as well as a variety of mollusks. If seafood is your favorite then this is an area that you should consider when planning a holiday or weekend getaway. Foz do Arelho and Obidos lagoon both are well known as two other Portuguese sites where fishing dominates the daily activities and there are always a number of seafood dishes on the menu.

Shrimp, clams and oysters are usually offered by the restaurants that are found along the Lourinha beaches. The flavors range from richly hearty to sublimely delicate depending on what type of dish you are sampling. Shellfish are known to be abundant in the Lourinha region and you can sample a variety of pleasing seafood specialties that are stewed, baked, broiled or grilled. Even the smallest restaurants have some wonderful and unique seafood offerings to tempt your palate.

What is seafood without wine to accompany it? In Peniche fresh seafood dishes abound and there are many wine selections that are also available. Local Portuguese vineyards have built quite a reputation in the past few years and you can choose from labels such as Arruda dos Vinhos, Torres Vedras and Bombarral. You do not have to drink only a white wine with your seafood dinner because there are also some red and pink varieties that have been specially blended to be the perfect accompaniment to any dish.