Caldas da Rainha

It’s easy to experience the real culture and Portuguese lifestyle when you visit some of the country’s most appealing destinations. Caldas da Rainha is located in the northern region of Lisbon and it is as welcoming and refreshing as a breath of pure, clean mountain air.

This is the area where Queen D Leonor used to come and enjoy the healthy benefits of a unique thermal spring. In fact the name Caldas da Rainha is a legacy of this queen, who was the much beloved wife of King D Joao II.

The warm, healing waters that are found in Caldas da Rainha have been used by the residents throughout hundreds of years. You can even read about these thermal waters in history books. People have often traveled to this Lisbon location just to enjoy the soothing relief that awaits them at this picturesque thermal spring.

In the late 15th century Queen D Leonor issued a command for the construction of a hospital near the site of the Caldas da Rainha spring. This medical facility was built in 1484 and is now known as the world’s oldest thermal spring hospital.

Of course once the construction was completed the site grew in popularity quickly and it became a playground and vacation retreat that attracted royalty and members of the aristocracy. Perhaps the peak of popularity for Caldas da Rainha occurred during the mid-to late 1800s. This was the time when people were eager to explore treatments such as thermal springs and other natural spa benefits. Today there are people from many countries and all walks of life who can indulge themselves by basking in the natural springs at Caldas de Rainha.

While Caldas da Rainha continues to be famous for its wonderful thermal waters you can enjoy many other features that this region has to offer. Art, history and nature are all attractions for visitors who travel to Caldas da Rainha.

You will find some ofPortugal’s best museums when you visit northern Lisbon. A trip to Parque Termal is a chance to explore many of the region’s outdoor grounds but you can also go to the Jose Malhoa Museum which is a prime attraction in Caldas da Rainha. This museum is home to a number of art works by 19th and 20th century Portuguese artists.

Another mainstay of Caldas da Rainha is the city’s ceramics industry. This flourishing business has made the region a prominent name that is well respected among ceramic experts and collectors. The high quality clay that is so abundant was one of the reasons that artisans and companies flocked to this area. Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro was a popular clay artist during the 1800s and he is credited with the founding of one of the most famous ceramics factory in Caldas da Rainha. One of the places that visitors often stop to tour is the Museu de Ceramica which features many of Pinheiro’s best works.

The rich history and culture of Caldas da Rainha can be observed easily if you tour a few of the old buildings and churches that are located in the center of the town. The architectural details that you can see are absolutely stunning. There is a tranquil and unhurried atmosphere in this region that visitors find enchanting and relaxing which is why Caldas da Rainha is becoming a top attraction for Portugal tourists.