Silver Coast Beaches

The silver coast of Portugal has some of the best beaches in Europe and may very well be one of Europe’s best kept secrets.

The Best Beaches On The Silver Coast

Why is this? Because the Silver Coast has beaches that are much less crowded than that of other popular destinations, yet still offers tourists many of the benefits found at beaches that are far more visited. You can enjoy surfing, the sun, as well as some of the most spectacular views this part of the world has to offer.

The Oeste region has many things to offer; cliffs, extraordinary beaches and rare beauties such as the Lagoa de Obidos lagoon and the Berlengas Archipelago. It is also alive with many different colors: the blue seas, the rich greens of the vineyards and golden sands. Not only is there an intense luminescent quality, but the exceptionally pleasant climate lasts all year long.

The Silir do Porto Dunes is especially attractive, for many different reasons. You are able to see the ‘Atlantic Road,’ which stretches toward the Lagoa de Obidos, or lagoon. This lagoon is quite possibly one of the best areas of the West Coast of Portugal. At the end of the Middle Ages, this lagoon extended to where the Obidos village sits, but the constantly changing coastline has dramatically reduced its perimeter. However, it is still a large and beautiful lagoon and is an excellent place to go sailing or wind surfing as well as rowing.

Foz do Arelho beach situated near the lagoon has many therapeutic qualities to offer. People who love the ocean surf, hearing the crashing waves and enjoying a little surfboarding usually choose this location. Restaurants along the esplanades in the small quay serve many delicacies that the lagoon itself has to offer. You can sample cockles, mussels, and dishes like eel fritters as well as the famous ‘Lagoon Stew.’

At the southern end, the beaches of Lapinha and Rio Cortico at Bom Sucesso are great places to spend a summer vacation. This is the location of D’El Rey Beach and a large modern resort with a 18 hole golf course that offers spectacular sea views.

The area between Baleal and Peniche also has many offerings for the visitor. You can body board and surf all year long at Lagide Beach and Baleal Beach; the area also offers discotheques, tennis courts and of course, relaxation.

You can see over two kilometers of dunes and soft sands in Peniche and the Carvoeiro Cape gives you an opportunity to not only see some rare and exotic natural geological formations, but also the Berlangas Galapagos, created by the sea and the action of time. All of these together make a spectacular natural masterpiece that has to be seen to be really appreciated.

Peniche, called the land of fishermen, is a village that you must stop at and enjoy. For one thing, the restaurants have a magnificent assortment of sea foods to offer, including grilled sardines, fish stew, and this town’s famous ‘sweated lobster.’ There are also many other attractions here and a visit to the museums and bobbin lace workshops at the Fortress should be one of the first things you visit while here. There are many different water activities, including a diving and fish sanctuary in the Berlangas Islands. With its calm, clear waters, diving is one of the most popular sports on these islands and many divers come here because of their natural beauty.

While on the islands you should also visit the 17th century fortress of S. Joao Baptista, a marvel of Portuguese military architecture. There are many different boat services from the mainland to the Nature Preserve of the Berlengas Archipelago, so there is never a problem getting there.

Another thing to see while visiting this area is call the Medao Grande, a vast beach between the Consolacao promontory and Peniche. In the middle of this bay, the waves create big formations and giant tubes known as “Super Tubos”, which attract surfers from around the world.

These are just some of the things to enjoy along the Silver Coast; there are many others. This is an ideal area to vacation at any time of the year, whether you are staying at one of the resorts or renting a private villa. You can also find many properties for sale here and this would be an excellent place to find a permanent residence. The lifestyle is very laid back and most of the work available here is associated with the Atlantic Ocean or tourism. With exceptional beaches, exciting and spectacular natural beauty, who could want anything more?

There are also some fantastic restaurants, clubs and shopping opportunities, beach bars that stay open late into the night. You won’t have any trouble keeping busy, whether it is with activities or just relaxing and doing nothing at all. With over 400 different properties to rent or buy in this area alone, finding something that fits your needs will not be hard. There are many different agencies to choose from and the best way to find out what is available is to go online.

If you are looking to visit this area, it is a good idea to do some research about the area first. Plan ahead, book your reservations well in advance and be prepared to have the time of your life.

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