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Our Legal Partners and solicitors are specialists in Portugal property law and tax specialists who will be able to assist all of our clients. They have many years experience and have helped guide many of our clients through any complex legal issues that may have arisen during a Portuguese Property purchase.

We highly recommend as your Lawyers in Portugal the legal partners EDGE International Lawyers. They are a Portugal based, Portuguese, English speaking team with offices also in the UK. They have dealt with every type of Portugal Property purchases possible. Whether you are wanting to purchase a single €110,000 Studio apartment purchase or a €5 million, legally complex commercial property purchase the team at EDGE International Lawyers are more than capable of guiding you through the purchase process and beyond.

Please have a look at some of the examples of the first class service that EDGE International Lawyers can offer.

Services Provided by EDGE
Buying & Selling process
Provide expert guidance when buying or selling property in Portugal.
Provide expert advice on all contracts, deeds, drafts etc.
Works on your behalf so that you have a full legal understanding of your purchase.
Advice on the taxes of property in Portugal
Can assist in all property purchases, off-plan, conveyance of property, leaseback etc.

Portuguese Taxation
Capital gains tax.
Tax on Portugal property purchases and sales
Income tax
Portugal Property tax
Inheritance Tax

Inheritance, Estate Planning & Matrimony
Wills, codicils and gifts.
Property ownership, matrimonial deeds, companies.
Devolution of Estate and any applicable law.


The legal team at EDGE International Lawyers see themselves as their clients personal representatives, and they will always tailor make their services to suit each and every individual clients needs.

With many years experience within their legal firm within different fields it is easily possible for them to assemble a highly specialized interdisciplinary team to work on complex briefs and clients cases.

If you would like to have access to further information, please email us at info@portugalproperty.com
Or call us now on 0800 014 8201 and we will see to it a member of the Legal firm at EDGE International Lawyers will be in touch at their earliest opportunity.