Fiscal Representation

It is a legal requirement for all non-resident individual or companies who have assets based in Portugal to appoint a fiscal representative.

Fiscal Representation in Portugal

Non resident taxpayers who earn taxable income in Portugal & the Algarve are required to appoint a fiscal representative who guarantee’s that the non-resident is compliant with Portugal’s tax obligations.

The fiscal representative is a go between the individual/Company who have the assets and the tax department. The fiscal representative is then jointly (with individual/Company) for any tax calculations related to all of the individual/companies Portugal’s tax obligations (E.g. Property, bank accounts, cars, and income – all tax bills).

The tax authority with only work with/via the individuals/Companies fiscal representative regarding, rental income declarations, valuations, IMI tax bills, etc.

Here at™ we will be able to refer you to reputable English speaking, Portuguese fiscal representative, and any correspondence which is sent from the tax department can thus be dealt with and received.

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