Opening A Bank Account In Portugal

How to open a bank account in Portugal by

Portuguese Bank Account

In Portugal you will find that there are a wide range of different accounts and financial services. It is possible to get current and savings accounts, business accounts, joint accounts, online banking and also special accounts that receive interest for paying your taxes, for example the Income tax (IRS) and Value Added Tax (IVA).

How to Open a Bank account in Portugal

You will find that each bank has its own forms that will need to be filled out. These are usually:

  1. The client’s details and also to Adhere to the banks services and products (Dados de cliente e Adesao a Productos e Servicos).
  2. The banks Terms and Conditions (Condicoes Gerais).
  3. The Banks general application form.

Documentation required for the opening of a Bank Account
Passport/or Identity CardPassport and other another valid document proving identity with a colour photo
Residency CardProof of home address in country of origin
Tax Number & Card(Fiscal Number)Tax Card(Fiscal Number)
Proof of Residence: E.g. Example, Utility bill, driving licenceProof of profession/contract of employment and company details
Proof of Social Security number / National Insurance number ideally by way of Pay-slip or tax returnProof of Social Security number / National Insurance number ideally by way of Pay-slip or tax return
Proof of your Fiscal Representative (usually a firm of lawyers)Proof of your Fiscal Representative (usually a firm of lawyers)


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