Portugal welcomes tourists!


With Portugal being one of the few countries on England and Scotland’s ‘green’ list of countries, where quarantine is not required on returning home, the country is welcoming visitors with open arms!

From Monday 17th May, non-essential travel into Portugal has been allowed. And as the first flight touched down from Manchester into the Algarve’s Faro airport, the president of Algarve tourism, João Fernandes was there to greet some of the passengers. He told them to enjoy themselves but stay safe. They were given a box containing a mask, alcohol gel and local information.

Of course, Portugal will enjoy a much better tourist season this year with tourism expected to grow between 20-30%.
The Secretary of State for Tourism, Rita Marques said: “The outlook is positive. They are better than they were last year. We had a very difficult year in 2020 and without doubt, this year will also be very difficult given that we are already in May and almost halfway through the year,” she said.

However, “With the recent opening of the United Kingdom and with the market reacting positively to the news of this opening, we are confident that we will recover some of the activity that we lost last year. We will not achieve close to the revenues of 2019. Nevertheless, if everything continues to go well in terms of the vaccination plan, controlling new strains and digital green certificates, the outlook for achieving revenues of 20-30 percent above last year’s figures is good.”

Portugal is well prepared for the influx of visitors with the “Clean & Safe” seal in place which allows tourists to have greater security and confidence in the use of accommodation and the various tourist services. The beach app is again available with a traffic light system for beach access depending on capacity. With Portugal having regained the top spot with the LOWEST Covid-19 infection rates in Continental Europe, it’s a great time to visit and invest in a Portugal property.

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