Madeira – the perfect Golden Visa solution

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The changes to the Golden Visa process in the most popular areas of Portugal – Lisbon, Porto and much of the Algarve, are set to benefit the Portuguese island of Madeira greatly. The Golden Visa scheme gives investors from outside the EU the opportunity to gain residency in Portugal, which can make them eligible for citizenship after five years.

Now, most of central Portugal, along with the Azores and Madeira, stay eligible for the scheme with the government’s rationale in doing this being to redirect foreign funds away from areas of the country that are over-saturated by property investment, towards less popular ones.

Madeira has already gained popularity over the last year, most notably among the new breed of digital nomads and long-term remote workers flocking to the island.

The Golden Visa decision is boosting Madeira's appeal even further, along with its property prices.

Madeira is just an hour and 45 minutes by plane from Lisbon - the archipelago is made up of four groups of islands: Madeira, Porto Santo, Desertas and Selvagens.

Of these, only the two largest, Madeira and Porto Santo are inhabited. The other two, Desertas and Selvagens, are nature reserves.

If your definition of quality of life means safety, tranquillity, natural beauty and little traffic, then Madeira is a great option. Far from the bustle of Lisbon and Porto, the island is calm and peaceful.

The island of Madeira is characterised by an amazingly mild climate all year round, ranging between 25’ centigrade in the summer and 17’ centigrade in the winter and with very moderate humidity.

Funchal is a cosmopolitan city and with the boom in tourism, it has become increasingly developed.  It is also the main area for locals and where most of the services can be found. Calheta is a high demand area due to the sunny weather, beaches and the marina.

The most expensive area in Madeira is Funchal (the capital) with a price on average of 2,181€/m2, followed by Calheta with a price of 2,001€/m2.

The wetter north coast is the area with the least demand, with the price per square metre in Santana at around just 976€.

The forecast is for prices to continue to increase, particularly with the influence of the new Golden Visa regulations, so what better time to buy than now.

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