Invest in Porto - The University of Porto and its talents

The University of Porto

Portugal's second biggest city, Porto, is turning into the place to go for a unique blend of history, balmy weather, culture, cooking and nightlife.

What you might not know is that Porto is not only for tourists. The local innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem is becoming increasingly vibrant, attracting both local and international high-tech startups.

Porto has become a hotspot for international investment in recent years. From 2013 to 2016 the number of jobs created by foreign investors grew by more than 300% in Porto and Northern Portugal. And there is a major force behind this growth: the University of Porto (U.P.)

The University of Porto was originally designed to prepare sailors and pilots to board ships departing from Barra do Douro to sail the seven seas.

Nowadays, the University of Porto hosts more and more foreign students - on average, over 4,000 international students per year. In the last academic year, U.P. had nearly 32,000 active students enrolling in one or more of its 278 courses and 14 schools. In fact, U.P. has been rated as one of the 150 best European Universities.

For those reasons, Porto is packed full of talent and creativity and, therefore, is becoming an ideal location to grow a successful business.

In Porto, you can find a highly educated, multilingual, multicultural, flexible and committed workforce that is well suited to the challenges of today’s knowledge-based economy. Amazingly, 27% of Porto’s population has a higher education degree – there are 200 institutions with R&D in the Metropolitan Area!

If those are not enough reasons for you to invest in Porto, listen to the new Rector of the University of Porto – António Sousa Pereira, regarding accommodation for the students – “Currently, the students, both foreign and Portuguese, are having great difficulty in finding accommodation in the city”.

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