Calling Portugal home

Portugal is renowned for its friendly and welcoming people – and the latest data from Portugal’s border agency SEF proved that, as the country now has more than 480,000 legally established ‘estrangeiros’ – foreign nationals – calling Portugal home. This is an increase of nearly 14% over last year.

The report says that “the number of foreigners who have opted to live in Portugal has increased considerably, it’s a growing tendency registered for the third consecutive year”.

Data on exact numbers says that the largest registration was by Brazilians (105,423) then Cape Verdians (34,663), Romanians (30,908), Ukrainians (29,218), British (26,445), Chinese (25,357), French (19,771), Italians (18,862), Angolans (18,382) and Africans from the former Portuguese colony of Guiné Bissau (16,186).

The latest ‘surprise’ however has been the quantity of Italians requesting residencies, which grew by over 45

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