Lisbon & Lisbon Coast Golf

Portugal is home to some of the best golf courses in the world and some of the best examples of these golf courses can be found in and around Lisbon and the Lisbon coast.

The area between Estoril and Sintra has some exceptionally good golf courses that have had the pleasure of watching golfing legends tee off.

Lisbon and its coast also have some great hotels that provide high quality accommodation for international golfers. With its unmatched scenic beauty and the year-round sunny weather conditions, Lisbon has everything going for it as a great golfing destination. No wonder it plays host to international tournaments on a regular basis and occupies a position of pride on the world golfing circuit.

In addition to the golf, Lisbon also has one of the hottest property markets in all of Europe. The demand for real estate is greatly fuelled by the year-round golfing action offered by the region, and many-an-international golfer calls the Lisbon area his home (or second home). Property prices in the region have steadily appreciated over the last several years and the local market still offers some exciting investment opportunities in real estate.

Lisbon and the Lisbon Coast’s Great Golf Courses:

All of this growth has been fuelled by the great golf course in Lisbon and along its coast. Some of the best known of these golf courses include:

Quinta da Marinha

Set right next to the Guincho beach, the Quinta de Marinha golf course has some of the most spectacular scenery in all of Portugal. The entire golf course is set among beautiful Pine trees. Each of its 18 holes is a classic, though its Par 4 13th hole is widely considered by many to be the perfect picture of scenic golfing in Portugal.


Set in Quinta da Marinha, the Oitavos Golf Course is located in the heart of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park and is a course of great natural beauty. Designed keeping the preservation of the natural flora and fauna in mind, the Oitavos is an exceptionally beautiful golf course that has 18 holes at par 71. It is the first course in Europe and the 2nd in the World to be recognized as a Certified Signature Sanctuary – Gold. It is one of the best golf courses in Europe.

Penha Longa

An amazing 18-hole course located just 20 minutes from Lisbon, the Penha Longa is one of the most beautiful courses in Portugal. It is a part of the Protected Landscape Area of Sintra and Cascais. The course has been designed as per championship standards and maintained to high levels, which has earned it the distinction of being voted one of the best golf courses on the European circuit by international golfers.

Estoril Golf Club

Another one of Portugal’s internationally acclaimed golf courses, the Estoril Golf Club is a short course at 5,900 meters. It offers golfers 18 holes at par 69 nine and a round of golf here can be a highly engrossing one. The club has hosted many national and international championships and many big names of the golfing world have had the pleasure of teeing off here.


One of the newer golf courses of Lisbon, the Beloura is set in a 60 hectare piece of land that extends of 5,900 meters and has 18 holes at par 72. It is part of a residential development, which means that there are some really good real estate investment opportunities available around this golf course. There are many lakes on the golf course which make for an entertaining and challenging game of golf.

Belas Club de Campos

A splendidly designed and maintained golf course, the Belas Club de Campos meanders over 6,128 meters of golfing greens to give 18 holes at par 72. The Sintra hills are visible all across the course. The course has two sections – one surrounded by low residential developments, while the other one has untouched natural surroundings.

Lisbon Sports Club

The Lisbon Sport Club is located in just 15 kilometers from Lisbon and is one of the best known golfing clubs in the world. It has 18 holes spread over 5,233 meters at par 69. A stream running through the length of the course provides various natural obstacles along the course and offers some challenge and excitement to the golfers.

Aroeira 1

The Aroeira 1 Golf course is a skillful blend of natural surroundings and the needs of a championship class course. It is located in a 345 hectare area of land close to the Caparica beach. It gives golfers 18 holes to play split into two sections at par 36 each.

Quinta do Peru

This is the newest golf course in the Azeitao region of Lisbon. Originally designed for amateur golfers, the Quinta do Peru’s difficult greens have challenged even some of the renowned international golfers. Each of the 18 holes is at increasing levels of difficulty.


The most difficult among all of Portugal’s golf courses, the Troia Golf Course has been found challenging even by golfing legends. It has stunning views of the ocean and a welcoming clubhouse that make it a golfer’s paradise.


The Montado Golf course is located close to Setubal, which is a major international tourist destination. The entire course is marked by gigantic oak and pine trees and has a cool, relaxed feeling about it. There are some really difficult holes in the course that make for both some memorable and challenging golfing shots.

Each of these golf courses occupies a position of pride in Portugal’s golf map. Their close vicinity to the capital Portugal have also made these courses highly popular among visitors and tourists alike and there is a constant stream of international golfers, both amateurs and professional visiting this courses to try their hand at some Portuguese style golfing action.