Lisbon And Fun For The Kids

Finding interesting activities for the family is always an important part of any vacation.

When you are visiting the city of Lisbon you will discover that this intriguing destination has a number of child friendly attractions that are suitable for kids as well as adults.

As one of the top Portugal cities for tourism Lisbon has much to offer. There are many shows, exhibits and natural attractions that are designed to appeal to families and children. Knowing some of the best places to take the kids is very helpful when you are first planning a vacation to this capital city.

Children are curious and have a great need to be active whenever the family is going on a sightseeing expedition. Lisbon, Portugal is a wonderful setting for families with younger children because there are so many amusements for them to enjoy.

You can explore a variety of lovely parks and wander through some of the most magnificent gardens in Europe when you travel to Lisbon. The colorful flowers and large expanses of green grass are delightful and the mild climate makes any outing a refreshing getaway experience.

One Lisbon adventure that is always a favorite of children is Monsanto, which is a lovely forest located in the town. Monsanto has numerous trees, squirrels and birds that fascinate children of all ages. Your family will also have the opportunity to enjoy the playground at the Park of Indios. This kid friendly area contains sliding boards, swings and a variety of other outdoor play equipment.

The friendly atmosphere and safe environment adds to your enjoyment of a simple stroll through the city. You might want to take along a map or guide book and create a scavenger hunt to see which family member can locate the most Lisbon attractions.

At the Lisbon City Zoo your children will be fascinated by the many animals that are on display. The enormous elephants and the zoo’s charming monkey village is always a huge hit with the kids.Have fun watching the trainers feed the lions, and be sure to time your visit so that you can see the dolphin show.

There is no reason why a vacation can not involve some entertainment as well as some useful education for the children. Take the time to make a trip with your family to the Calouste Gulbenkian Planetarium. Here you will learn about the many mysteries involving our universe. Children of all ages are always intrigued by the stories and shows that are featured at Lisbon’s planetarium.

If you have children who are interested in science then the Pavilion of Knowledge should be one of your stops while you are visiting Lisbon. This is a place where science is both interactive and fun. Hands-on experimentation is encouraged at this science based museum. Don’t be surprised if your little ones beg to be allowed to stay and play at this truly child friendly location.

Fun for the entire family is what you will discover at the Lisbon Oceanarium. This Lisbon city attraction has rapidly become one of the top tourist sites for both kids and adults. Children can come face to face with sharks, eels and a large number of other curious and fascinating ocean dwelling creatures. The Lisbon Oceanarium even has special shows to attend that will teach your family about many of the fish and mammals that live underwater.

Your children can also explore Belem Tower and Saint George’s Castle. Who could resist a setting where you are allowed to run about a medieval structure and there are colorful, elegant peacocks strutting about the grounds?

No matter where you travel in Lisbon there are a number of wonderful attractions that will thrill both children and adults.