Algarve’s Harbours And Marinas

For many years now the Algarve has had a lot to do with the maritime industry and the sea is what attracts a vast number of people.

Enjoy the Algarve's harbours and marinas

There are a vast number of things to do when you are visiting Algarve; therefore, it is a good idea to alternate between days in the sun and days at sea. It is recommended that whilst on holiday you visit and get to know the area that is known as Serra do Caldeirao. This area is a barrier of mountains that protects the Algarve from the strong winds that come from the north, and this is what gives this area the special climate.

When you are on holiday within the Algarve, it is a good idea not to spend every single day on the beach as there are lots of other exciting things to do including spending some days at sea. The Algarve is a diverse area that is able to offer a wide array of different things to do.

From the area that is know as Silves it is possible to get a boat that goes along the River Arade. This boat heads towards the Atlantic Ocean and into the western part of the Algarve. When you take this trip, the boat will dock within the town of Portimao. Portimao is a very popular area for its sardines, and these are at their best during the summer months as this is when they are juicy and plump. When you are within the town of Portimao it is a good idea to wander along the riverfront to the Sardine Dock, which is a very famous dock. The Sardine Dock is a very popular place for its seafood restaurants. These restaurants allow people the opportunity to enjoy some delicious grilled sardines whilst relaxing overlooking the sea. In most restaurants the grilled sardines will be accompanied with crusty bread, and the delicious food can be washed down with a chilled glass of a drink known as Vinho Verde.

For many years now the Algarve has had a lot to do with the maritime industry and the sea is what attracts a vast number of people. The Algarve has a huge expanse of water despite only being a compact area of land. The gentle water and climate within the Algarve is able to offer a pleasant voyage, and there are about one hundred and fifty kilometers of coastline. The marinas and the ports within the Algarve are able to offer a safe place to harbor and also many facilities.

There are five marinas within the tourist resort of the Algarve. All of the marinas are able to enjoy an array of bars and restaurants. There are also three plans for further construction within the marines that are known as Olhoa, Vilamoura and also Ferragudo.

The marina that is known as Vilamoura was the first marina within the resort of the Algarve. This marina features a shipyard, which is still a working yard. The marina is known as a vibrant marina that offers sparkling entertainment and is located within the popular tourist resort of Vilamoura. This marina is popular with tourists and locals alike.