Sailing on the Algarve

When a relaxing and enjoyable experience is what you desire then you should try sailing on the Algarve.

Sailing on the Algarve Your Key to Paradise Found

Tourists and residents all know that when a tantalizing and exotic destination is needed Portugal’s beautiful Algarve coastline is where these dreams can be realized.

The mild, temperate climate of Algarve is only part of this region’s charming appeal. There are azure waters, spectacular landscapes, wonderful food and enough activities to keep everyone busy and content. The sunny days and gentle nights set the tone for a vacation holiday that you will not soon forget.

Today it is the Algarve beaches that have become the favorite destination of guests and travelers. This seaside retreat is famed for spectacular beaches, high cliffs, and panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. Many tourists are in awe of the Algarve’s magnificent landscapes even before they set foot on the coastline. From the air or the sea the beauty of Portugal’s finest ocean resort is simply undeniable.

The 150 kilometer coastline of the Agave beckons with a siren call and once you arrive it is easy to become totally captivated by the land’s charm and magical atmosphere. Many visitors arrive yet no one is ever ready to leave once their holiday stay has drawn to an end.

You can have delightful fun in the warm, enticing waters along the coast where you can spend hours swimming, snorkeling or sailing. The sparkling sands provide a wonderful place for quiet interludes when rest and sunbathing are the most important tasks of the day.

For history buffs there are many places to be explored during even the shortest stay. Tour the places where old Portuguese sailing vessels once docked when they returned from trips to the Orient. You can even travel to a number of towns and fishing villages where the Moorish influence can still be seen in the old architectural styles of homes and buildings. There are also ancient fortifications and churches that can be seen when you are visiting the Algarve region.

Perhaps you will want to wander around the famous marina at Vilamoura. This is an upscale facility that has become a favorite thanks to its wide variety of stores, restaurants and exotic shops. You can easily spend an entire day at this sophisticated and chic ocean-side setting.

There are trails to hike and natural wonders to see while you are staying at one of the Algarve hotels or resorts such as the Vila Lara. If you love nature you will be fascinated by a trip that takes you on an excursion of the River Guardiana. This is a place where guides can help you discover the true beauty of the region’s native parks, forests and protected nature reserves.

Sailing the Algarve is just the beginning of the adventure. Each day you will be able to experience something different and interesting from golf to fine dining under a canopy of stars. If this sounds like the vacation of your dreams you can discover more about Portugal’s spectacular seaside resort and reserve your own memorable getaway.