Algarve Beaches

Have you ever wondered why millions of people flock to Portugal’s Algarve region every year?

Algarve’s Beaches – The Best Europe Has to Offer!

Well, the simple answer to that question is because Algarve’s beaches are the finest in all of Europe. In fact, all those years ago when the early Phoenician merchants first began to settle in Algarve, it was largely because they were attracted to the splendid beauty of the region’s beaches. With approximately 60 miles of spectacular coastline, Algarve offers visitors an endless choice of bathing spots, and of course there’s enough variety in order to ensure anyone and everyone who visits the region can have a holiday of a lifetime. In addition to some of the world’s best beaches, holiday makers and visitors will also find an amazing variety of seafood, and this of course explains why the Portuguese consume more fish than any other nationality on the continent.

That’s right, Portugal has long since been known for its stunning scenery, its culinary delights, it’s friendly inhabitants, and above all, it’s laid back lifestyle. All this combined with miles and miles of unspoiled beaches, rocky cliffs, endless sand dunes, and year round sunshine make Algarve the King of European holiday destinations. Many holiday makers tend to ask where the best beaches are situated in Algarve, but once they arrive they soon discover that almost all the beaches in the area could be considered to be the “best” beach, in that each one is special in its own kind of way. With that said, many visitors tend to single out one of two beaches where they then end up spending their entire holiday.

One of the most popular beaches in the region is Alvor beach, and what makes this particular town so attractive is the fact that it was once nothing more than a tiny fishing village. Even nowadays one cannot help but notice that the town of Alvor is generally quieter than most other resort towns in Algarve, and this of course also applies to Alvor beach. Because it’s noticeably quieter than other resort towns, Alvor is particularly well suited to families or couples on a romantic getaway, and of course the vast Alvor beach very rarely becomes crowded. Most people who spend their holiday in Alvor spend their days lounging on the beach and dining in one of the many restaurants scattered along the waterfront which serve a variety of fish caught fresh on the day.

For those who are a little bit more adventurous, Meia Praia is a crescent of powder-like white sand stretching over an area of approximately four miles. From Alvor, one can reach it by walking over the sand dunes, though you need to be warned that Meia Praia usually explodes into life on weekends and during applicable days when locals ascend on the area.

Lagos is of course also immensely popular, both with locals and visitors alike. One of the things which give this area such a unique character is the huge fortress with its medieval walls located at the mouth of the river. During summer and in the evenings in particular, the area has an unmistakably enchanted atmosphere as local holiday makers fill the narrow streets to bursting point. The vast amount of young people moving from one pub to the next makes Lagos one of Portugal’s most vibrant places, while ideal surfing conditions attract hundreds of surfers to the region. In fact, Lagos has become one of the most popular starting points for those going on surfing trips.

Of course, there’s more to Lagos than bar hopping and surfing, but instead, visitors can keep themselves busy simply by exploring the city. No matter what you’re into, you’re bound to find something that’s just up your street.

If we start heading south from Lagos we come to the Costa d’Oiro, also commonly referred to as being “The Golden Coast”. For those who have come to Algarve for a romantic getaway, the golden coast is the place to be. This is where romantic couples will come across several sandy coves hidden away between spectacular crumbling sandstone cliffs which abound with some of the strangest rock formations imaginable. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find another place like it for watching the sun go down, and because there are so many secluded little coves, romantic couples are often able to go skinny dipping in the pleasantly warm waters.

If surfing is your thing, then you should consider heading over to the west coast where the water conditions tend to be more favorable. In fact, wind surfers often flock to the town of Sagres in droves in order to enjoy the challenging conditions, although the conditions often prove to be a bit much for regular surfers. However, a short journey north will see you arrive at some of the most renowned surfing areas in Europe. What strikes many visitors to this area, is that it is so vastly different to the conditions one sees in central Algarve where the waters are usually calm and gentle. Of course, it’s not only surfers who visit this area of Algarve, but instead, many head there simply so that they can enjoy a nice empty beach.

The truth of the matter is that there are so many beautiful beaches in Algarve that it would be impossible to mention them in a short article like this. Then of course there’s also all the different sites one can visit, and so many activities one can become involved in as well. Whether you’re looking for a quiet romantic break with that special person in your life, or whether you’re looking for an ideal place to take your family on holiday, Algarve has it all, and even more importantly, Algarve has a perfect blend of sun, sea, and sand.

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