Cycling in Portugal

There are many reasons to travel to Portugal, but the biggest reason right now is the biking!

The Portuguese Republic is a country that is actually ins the south of Europe, and situated comfortably on the Iberian peninsula. This is a country full of history, and it was originally a part of the Roman Empire. It stayed as such until the Empire finally fell, and tribes from Germany inhabited it.

Cycling in Portugal

Portugal is simply a country that has seen many changes and now it has become a great vacation destination. There are many reasons to travel to Portugal, but the biggest reason right now is the biking!

What better way to see the beautiful countryside that is Portugal than to bike across it? Of course you could choose to go it on your own, but biking on your own through an unfamiliar country is probably not the best thing that you can do by any stretch of the imagination. With that being the case, you should probably look for some sort of touring business that allows one to bike across the countryside in relative safety.

In order to go about finding one of these you will need to utilize the internet. Because this is one of the more popular tourist destinations there will naturally by many different companies trying to get your business. The trick is finding the company that not only offers the greatest price, but also the greatest experience. It becomes a bit difficult to predict what the best experience for you would be because it tends to differ from person to person. What we can do however is predict what the ideal package would have and this will give you a basic idea of what you would be looking for.

One thing that you will need to look for in a decent bike touring company is the ability to tour with a group. While traveling in a group means traveling with others, you will want to make sure you are not traveling with too many others. Traveling with a group of more than twenty to thirty will probably ruin the experience, so always ask what the minimum and maximum group capacity is before you commit.

Enjoying the scenery in Portugal

Note that traveling with a maximum of sixteen would be preferred, at least if you can find an arrangement of that nature. Anything more will probably have you feeling as if you are in a biking marathon.

Ask about the accommodations. You could be on the road (or trail) for several days. Will the tour be stopping in any towns? What type of hotels will they be staying at? You will typically want to make sure you are staying in the best hotels possible. Remember: this is a bike ride! You will likely be exhausted at the end of the day, and on that note you will want to make sure that you are in good shape before you actually choose to see Portugal in this manner.

You will also need to ask if the company supplies the bikes. Typically they will do this because they know the terrain and their bikes are specially suited for them. There are actually some tour companies that allow you to take the tour by yourself. In other words, they will give you a bike outfitted with a GPS, allowing you to travel at your own pace. Once again, there are questions that need to be asked. First of all, will you truly be on your own, or will there be some sort of backup? Sometimes a car will be sent to follow you just in case you get into trouble. Backup would be incredibly helpful, espcially when you are in a part of the world that you do not know.

Once all the questions are out of the way, know that you are undertaking a great journey through the beautiful nation that is Portugal. There will be many different paths you can take, some meant for beginners, and some meant for experts. Wherever you choose to go, you are in for an amazing time.