Portugal Fishing

Are you a fisherman? Do you enjoy setting sail on the high seas, casting your line and waiting for that one big bite that could turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day?

There are many people who feel the same way as you. The wind in your face as the boat moves toward the open ocean, the calm of the sea as you sit stationary, really, who could ask for more?

For those who love to fish, you are in luck because the country of Portugal is definitely not short on fish. Some of the fish that you might find there are sardines, mackerel, and many, many others. The only question left is how you wish to proceed when you visit this great country. How will you make your way to the open water? Well there are a few things that you could do.

Just like in any other country you do have the option to rent a boat. Unless you know the economic zone like the back of your hand however, it may be a wasted effort because you could move around all day trying to find the fish. The best thing that you could do is choose a guided fishing tour rather than going it alone.

When you believe it is time to start looking for a chartered fishing boat, there are some questions to ask, just like with anything else. First of all you will want to know how many other people will be going with you. This also has much to do with the size of the boat. In any case if you are a more solitary person, especially when you are fishing, you might want to find a boat that will take you out alone. Note that you would have to pay more for this because typically the captain of the boat makes his money from the multiple passengers that board his boat. This means that you will get a better price when traveling with a group.

How long will you be on the water? What will you be fishing for? Typically you will want to make sure you are on the water for at LEAST eight hours. It can take some time to find the perfect fishing area, and having a guide that understands this will go a long way. The areas you visit will depend on exactly what you are fishing for. There are some that will prefer swordfish, and there are some that will prefer sharks. Either way it will help to have a good guide that knows exactly what he is doing.

You will of course need to obtain a fishing license. Just like in the United States or other countries, the sport of fishing, as well as the different types of fishing are government by different types of licenses. You will also find that you have a set quota of fish that you can catch in one day, and this is usually done by the species. For instance you will be able to catch a certain amount of each species while you are out fishing. This might sound a bit limiting, but usually the quota is pretty reasonable.

Fishing in Portugal can provide you the opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself that you came to Portugal for in the first place. Can you think of a better way to spend your time than relaxing on the open sea and reeling in your big catch. In contrast you could spend your time on rough seas, having the adventure of a lifetime. Waves could crash across your boat, and you could struggle with every turn of the reel. There is something for every fisherman out there, and all you have to do is find it. Search the internet, or ask around at the docks in Portugal. Soon enough, you will find the fishing tour of your dreams, in the country of your dreams.