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Have you always dreamed of living on the sunny shores of Portugal?

Guide To Portugal

Portugal is renowned for its beaches, picturesque fishing villages, magnificent golf courses and port wine. But these are not the only reasons why, over the last two decades, Portugal has increasingly welcomed expatriates from mainly English- speaking countries who are seeking a new life in a climatically warm, friendly country.

Portugal is home to fresh breezes off the Atlantic that are lightly kissed with the scent of the sea, day after day of sunny, temperate weather that makes doing anything at all outdoors a simple joy, traditional, colorful boats that bob in small harbors after bringing in the fresh catch that now awaits your dining pleasure, and where ancient history has infused every aspect of this picturesque country filled with hospitality, tradition and modern convenience.

Dreamed of it perhaps, but for many the prospect of purchasing property in a foreign country is a daunting one and this dream is often set aside with the justification that it is too complicated, too expensive or just too difficult a task to  manage.

Portugalproperty.com is currently the only privately owned company of Property Consultants based in Portugal that focuses entirely on Portugal. Once you’ve begun to consider the possibility of purchasing property in Portugal, we promise to aid you in making the entire process as simple, understandable and as efficient as possible.

We will help you find the best location in Portugal to suit your needs as well as help you find the property that will exceed your expectations and perfectly fit your lifestyle. With offices in Lisbon, Porto and Faro, we are fully capable of covering the entire country and are ready to assist you in every way possible. PortugalProperty.com has developed this part of the website "Guide To Portugal" to serve as an overview of Portugal, with the hope of helping you decide which part of Portugal would best suit your Property Dream.

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