Furniture Packages

You will need to furnish your new Portugal property purchase as soon as possible, to make use.

Furniture Package through

Here is an example of a furniture package avaliable through Each Portugal property furniture package can be tailor made to suit both the clients taste and budget.

Kitchen Furniture
Kitchen KitchenKitchenKitchen
Cordless Kettle x 1Forks x 6Milk jug x 1Mop x 1
Toaster x 1Dessert spoons x 6Sugar bowl x 1Set of frying pans x 1
Iron x 1Dessert spoons x 6Chopping board x 1Plate rack x 1
Ironing board x 1Tea spoons x 6Set of storage jars x 1Vinegar/oil set x 1
Dinner plates x 6Cutlery tray x 1Salt & pepper pots x 1Over gloves x 1
Bowls x 6Water glasses x 6Clothing aire x 1Kitchen knives x 1
Cups & saucers x 6Apron x 1Rubbish bin x 1Ceiling liight x 1
Salad bowl x 1Wine glasses x 6Absorb cloth x 1Set of dustpan & brush x 1
Fruit bowl x 1Sieve x 1Table cover x 1Tea pot x 1
Knives x 6

Bathroom & Living/Dining Room Furniture
Bathroom Furniture Bathroom Furniture Living & Dining Room Living & Dining Room Living & Dining Room
Towel rail x 1Soap holder x 1Three Seated sofa bed x 1TV & DVD x 1Ceiling lights x 2
Hand towels x 4Bath mats x 1Two Seated sofa x 1Rug x 1Dining chairs x6
Toilet roll holder x 1Ceiling lights x 1Coffee table x 1Curtain pole x 1Set of curtains x 1
Bath towels x 4Towel ring x 1

Master Bedroom / Extra Bedroom / Outdoor Furniture
Master Bedroom Master Bedroom Exta Bedroom Exta Bedroom Outdoor
Double bed x 1Ceiling lights x 1Single mattress x 2Single beds x 2 Ceiling lights x 1
Matress x 1Bedside lamps x 2Dressing table x 1Bedside table x 2Wooden chairs x 6
Chest of draws x 1Pillows x 2Mirror x 1Ceiling lights x 1Wooden table x 1
Bedside table x 2Pillow cases x 4Bedside lamps x 2Curtain pole x 1
Mirror x 1Quilt cover x 2Set of curtains x 1Pillows x 2
Wardrobe x 1Quilt x 1Pillow cases x 4Quilt cover x 4
Bottom sheet x 2Extra blanket x 1Bottom sheets x 4Extra blanket x 2


For more information on furnitre packages please contact us at or feel free to call us anytime from 8am until 8pm on 0800 014 8201 to speak to a member of the Portugal Propertyteam