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Preshow Checklist and Tips for Selling your Property

Portugal is one of the most idyllic holiday destinations in the world; with its gorgeous beaches and tranquil Mediterranean waters, the country is a veritable tropical paradise. Many Europeans, particularly people from Scandinavia, UK and the other North European nations have made Portugal their second home. However, like most other countries around the world, Portugal is also reeling under the effects of the economic meltdown which has compelled many expatriates to find their way back home. Most of these people own real estate in Portugal and they would like to sell it before moving back home; if you are one of them, here are some tips for selling your property in Portugal and a pre show checklist.

Preparing the property

A very important aspect of finding a good buyer for your home / office is getting the property ready for the customers; it is imperative to prepare the property is such a way that the prospective owners should be able to envision themselves in the house / office.

Preparing Your Property For Sale

A tidy and well kept exterior will often prove to be all the invitation that a prospective buyer needs to take a look at the interiors.

Start by trimming the plants and bushes and cleaning the gardens, the lawns should look well maintained. If the roof has damaged shingles which spoils the exterior visage of your home, replace it; the same holds true for cracked windows and eaves troughs. The porch and the garage should be clutter free, neat and clean. Arrange stored items appropriately. Scrub the windows, the mailbox, the gutters and the doors clean. Finally secure all loose awnings and shutters.

Once you are done with the outside look, move indoors; there are several things that can be done to spruce up the décor of your home without spending a fortune for such renovations. Two areas that prospective buyers will be particularly concerned about are the bathroom and the kitchen because any damage or repair needed in these parts of the home can be quite expensive. So start by making sure that both areas are sparking clean. If there are any signs of leakage, plumbing issues or flooring problems in the kitchen or bathroom; call in a professional and have them fixed before the clients walk in.

Again, remove all clutter and unnecessary items from the other areas of your home; consider renting a storage space if possible to move out some of the furniture and other items which may be in the way. Remove all items in the house that will not be part of the sale; this includes chandeliers, family heirlooms, antique furniture that you would like to hold on to etc. Steam clean the carpet or replace it if it s beyond rectification If the walls are too dinghy, consider painting them in a neutral color. You can do this on your own and it will not take a lot of time but it will certainly improve the value and the selling potential of your house. Paint the kitchen cabinets and replace cracked light switch plates and worn out counter tops.

The Pre Show Checklist

Preparation Is Key To Sale

  • Some clients may not feel comfortable looking at a property in the presence of the current owner; so as a sign of courtesy for the prospective buyers and the real estate agent; it would be best if you leave the house during the showing.
  • The entire house should be well lit and aired so the keep the lights on and the curtains and windows open. This will also help to maximize the natural light
  • If you own pets, try to keep them with a friend for a few hours because not everybody will share your fondness for your pets while some people may even be allergic to certain animals.
  • Ensure that all the hallways and stairways are clear
  • Do not hesitate to use finishing touches like fresh flowers, a painting or candles
  • If the house is being shown at night, turn on all the outdoor lighting including the porch lights.
  • Every room in the house should be immaculately clean; this should include clearing the dirty dishes in the sink.
  • Finally give your home an objective and impersonal evaluation and ask yourself if you were a prospective buyer, would you consider purchasing the property and what would be your expectations?

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