Security for your rental property

Whether you are a new owner or a seasoned renter, your holiday home security will definitely be a concern.

Keep your holiday home safe

The safety of your guests and your possessions needs to be ensured without putting forth efforts that are unnecessary and invading the privacy of your guests. If you are not sure where you should begin with the security needs of your property we will provide some options that will keep the guests comfortable and safe. Your concerns regarding about their safety of your possessions will be dimmed if not removed.

Security measures for free

Form a strong relationship with the neighbours in the area. If you have not had the time to meet and begin a friendship with the neighbours, the time is now so ask them over for some coffee and a snack. You can rely on a good neighbour to keep an eye on your property while the home is empty and while there are guests there as well.

Close the curtains at all times. While your guests will enjoy seeing the home open and bright, you should be sure to keep the curtains closed when the home is empty. You do not need to leave your holiday home open for everyone to see. If there are not going to be occupants in the home for a short spell, be sure to close the blinds and keep the curtains closed as well.

Be sure to talk with the guests. It is also a good idea to lay out some guidelines for safety in the instructions for the home or in the check in procedures. You should advise them to keep their valuables put away and out of sight and to close all of the windows and lock the doors as they leave the house. Be careful how much pressure you put on your guests as they may begin to feel fear that the home is not safe.

Security devices that are low cost

Deadbolts. Installing deadbolts on the exterior doors is a great idea.

Timers on the lights. You can buy timers for indoor and outdoor for as little as £10. They will make the property appear to be in use even when it is empty and will detour people from snooping around the property since they will be visible.

Window locks. Window locks can be installed fairly easily and they will provide extra safety. They are especially necessary on the windows on the ground floor.

Security investments that are in the higher price range

Safes. The prices for safes range anywhere from less than £100 to far above £1000. However, you may find that this investment is reasonable when the safeties of the items that are kept at your holiday home are concerned. This will also give you an additional perk to offer the travellers that would like to keep their valuables in a secure spot while they are vacationing.

Cameras. It is a common idea to put up some outdoor cameras or dummy cameras around the home and its perimeter. Someone that considered breaking in may be detoured if they thought they were on camera. If you do decide on putting up real or fake cameras, be sure to inform the renters that they are there.

Alarm System. There are some locations at which an alarm system may be necessary. Some travellers will only choose to stay at a holiday home that has an alarm system. You could also see a decline in your insurance premiums if you have a security alarm system in place. If you have decided to install an alarm system then you will need to inform the alarm company that there will be short term renters living in the home throughout the year.

You may also consider installing an unmonitored system that will sound an alarm if a break in should occur but will not lead to the automatic dispatch of the local authorities. If you decide on this option be sure that your renters know to call 112 if they have a true emergency at the property. Having an alarm system can be a challenge on a vacation home since you must change the code after each guest checks out. You may also find that you are being fined for having too many false alarms at the property.

There are many different ways that you can provide a feeling of security to your guests. With all of this said, the most important way to keep your property and your guests safe can be done when they are checking in. Do not leave the keys in plain sight in the house with the door unlocked so the guests can come right in. While your neighbourhood may be a safe place in general, your guests may feel very uncomfortable knowing that they keys were left out for all to see and the door was left unlocked.

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