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"I Love you Bellem" - Lisbon

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See our Lisbon coast Sales manager Colm Wilkinson showing Mike & Carolyn around Lisbon and the Silver coast of Portugal... 

Video Transcription

Colm:  What do you think?

Chantelle:  This is incredible. Perfect for entertaining with the open living and dining room space.

Colm:  Absolutely, yes.

Chantelle:  Love the wooden detail everywhere.

Colm:  This building is over 200 years old so it’s nice that they’ve retained those original features. You’re buying into a slice of Portuguese history and not just the building. We’ve got lots of natural lights as well. There’s windows all the way around these rooms.

Carolyn:  I like that.

Colm: This apartment has a galley kitchen.

Chantelle:  Oh boy. This is tiny. Very, very narrow.

Carolyn:  That’s small, Mike. I don’t get—

Colm:  What you have to understand is that the Portuguese prefer to dine out more often than they do dine in.

Chantelle:  You won’t spend a lot of time in.

Colm:  No. it doesn’t have to be big.

Chantelle:  I’ve seen so many great restaurants and bars in this area. It’s so easy.

Colm:  Well, in an apartment like this, all you have to do is just walk around the corner and you’ve got a choice of [inaudible 00:00:46] restaurants.
Now, I just like to share you something over here.

Carolyn:  (Gasps) That’s a nice view.

Chantelle:  This is unreal. I’ve seen this property from the front; I had no idea this is what the back looks like.

Colm:  No, this is one of the hidden treasures of this particular property which sets the part from everything else.

Chantelle:  I don’t know if we’re going to beat that view.

Colm:  You’re going to find that hard, that’s for sure.
On your left here you got the second bedroom.

Chantelle:  These windows are huge. This room is perfect for a children’s room.

Colm:  We’d have to get bunk beds.

Mike:  Yes.

Narrator:  The girls don’t have to share a room at home but families here are just used to smaller spaces.

Chantelle:  It’s great.

Colm:  Here’s the master. There’s lots of character in this room as well. You can see from the features in the ceilings.

Chantelle:  Great detail.

Colm: Original floors again. Then we have these two Juliet balconies which are very nice features of this room.

Chantelle:  Oh, my god. Look at this view.

Colm: You’re right in the heart of the city here.

Chantelle:   “I love you Bellum!”

Carolyn:  (Laughs)

Chantelle: Don’t be surprised if your heart skips a beat because you are about to get a glimpse of Óbidos, one of Europe’s most romantic medieval villages. It’s only about an hour away from Lisbon but here you’re going to get way more Europe for your Euro.

Narrator:  If the city apartment feels a little crowded, this villa just outside the town of Óbidos is anything but. It’s got 400 more square feet of space than Mike and Carolyn’s house and we’re just talking about the inside.

Carolyn:  You can just smell that fresh air.

Narrator:  Check out these gorgeous views.

Carolyn:  That’s a nice view.

Mike:  Yes. It’s very nice.

Colm:  This is the main living area.

Chantelle:  It’s so nice and bright.

Colm:  Yes, it’s great. Great entertaining space.

Carolyn: Perfect.

Mike:  It’s very nice.

Colm: You can see, you got a lot more for your money than up here than you would in Lisbon.

Chantelle:  A lot more space.

Carolyn: That’s a lot of space for us.

Colm:  A nice open fireplace, nice natural tiles. It’s a great area here, actually. This particular location we’re only about five minutes from the coast.

Mike:  You can walk to the beach.

Carolyn:  Yes!

Colm:  10 minutes from Óbidos.

Chantelle:  A little bit of everything.

Colm:  Yes, a little bit of everything. This is a fantastic size room here.

Chantelle:  Cute.

Carolyn:  That looks very modern.

Colm: Each of these bedrooms in this particular house has a door leading outside.

Chantelle:  Like having your little porch.

Colm: Exactly, yes. This is the kids’ room.

Chantelle:  It’s just a fun space.

Carolyn:  That’s Maddie’s room.

Mike:  You can probably fit both of them too.

Carolyn:  (Laughs)

Colm: Send you to the left here, this is the master.

Carolyn:  That’s our room

Mike:  Lots of light too.

Colm:  This is my favorite room in the house.

Chantelle:  Wow.

Colm: Nice aspect out through all the windows. You can see all the way out to the countryside.

Narrator:  We’ve saved the best for last.

Colm:  This is the great open planned dining kitchen space.

Chantelle: I’m in love with this.

Mike: Very nice kitchen.

Carolyn: (Awe) That’s beautiful. See, I can be in the kitchen and cooking and then you guys can be in the living area or the dining area.

Narrator: Carolyn’s already got them moved in.

Colm: If you come through this door here…

Chantelle:  Oh, no. There’s more.

Colm: …it brings you through to the outside dining space.

Chantelle:  Oh!

Carolyn: (Gasps)

Mike:  Look at the barbeque.

Carolyn:  There you go.

Mike:  We don’t have to entertain inside. We can just go outside.

Chantelle:  You feel so secluded at all the forest.

Colm:  It’s beautiful.

Chantelle: Perfect area.

Colm: The truth of the matter is you’re not going to get a value like this in the city.

Chantelle:  Yes, and the space out here, right?

Colm:  Absolutely.

Chantelle:  Gorgeous.

Narrator:  Lisbon’s got it all for Mike and Carolyn’s $390,000 and they’ve got two totally difference places to pick from. Will they go for the apartment right in the heart of Lisbon or a country villa with more space?

Mike:  Our favorite had to be the villa.

Carolyn:  Yes.

Mike:  That was beautiful. The apartment was in a very central part of Lisbon but there was no place for the kids to do anything really. It was more for us.

Carolyn:  Yes, there’s only two bedrooms. The villa had a beautiful, beautiful view, lots of space for the kids to play in. We have lots of room for entertaining.

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