The end of the Golden Visa?

After more than a decade of contributing to real estate growth and the national economy, the Golden Visa regime in Portugal is due to end, with Golden Visas only being granted to overseas entrepreneurs who invest by setting up a business in the country.

But the big question is when will all this take effect from? The simple answer is who knows?

The change in the law is still being debated with many saying it is ‘unconstitutional’ - the final Housing Bill document is not yet available.

So, there may still be Golden Visa opportunities. Especially with two renowned developers guaranteeing to refund monies invested in a property if the Golden Visa scheme ends, apart from €500 for lawyers’ fees. This is as close as possible to zero risk.

Although the Golden Visa is ending, if you can act immediately, with documents and finances ready, then contact us.

However, is a Golden Visa really necessary? If you plan on spending 183 days or more in Portugal, there is the D7 Visa, also known as the passive income visa, where you need to receive at least the equivalent of the Portuguese minimum wage, currently €760 per month. This could be perfect for you.

If you just want to invest in a holiday home and spend up to 90 days in Portugal, then there are no restrictions on foreign property investment whatsoever.

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