Ten Exciting Reasons to Travel to Lisbon in 2016

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The wonderful adventure of Lisbon is waiting for you. The capital city of Portugal is a fantastic place to experience a unique part of Europe. Why push several tourist sites into one short vacation? There’s time enough to see them after you experience any or all of the 10 reasons to visit Lisbon in 2016, such as beautiful beaches, open markets, and fiestas.

1.Lisbon is small and easy to explore

Measuring 39 square miles, the city of Lisbon seems small when compared to Greater London’s 610 square miles. Some of the features that entice tourists include the seven hills on which the city is built and the amazing number of stairs throughout the area. Be prepared for a great deal of walking during your stay. The Elevador de Santa Justa is the city’s only vertical lift. Give your legs a break by using the elevadores, or trams. Sit back and relax on the way to Bairro Alto via Elevador da Bica or Elevador da Gloria. Take time out to enjoy the scenery while making your way to Castelo de Sao Jorge aboard the Elevador do Lavra. Tourists and locals appreciate the low cost of the yellow trams.

2.More for your money

Why is it that certain items, including beer, are less expensive in Lisbon than in European cities like Amsterdam, Barcelona, and Paris? Economists are quick to point out that Portugal, including its capital city, has a lower cost of living than other western countries in the Eurozone. The result? Lisbon consumers realize more purchasing power for the things they want.

3. Lisbon is just hours away

It’s just a few minutes over 7 hours to fly from New York City to London. Lisbon is only 2 hours and 20 minutes by air from London. Affordable prices for a flight from London to Lisbon make it a desirable trip regardless of the season.

4. Party the night away

Bairro Alto is one of Lisbon’s central districts. A quiet neighborhood during the day, it morphs into a nightlife section after the sun goes down. American actor/director John Malkovich is part owner of the fashionable Lux. A popular weekend spot, Main features a restaurant and is primarily sought after by the 20 to mid-30 crowd. Expect to find people enjoying the music and companionship outside the clubs and bars as well as inside. The venues feature a wide range in their days and hours of operation as well as the genre of music that’s played.

5. Lisbon thrives in the sun

Lisbon averages 3,023 hours of sunlight a year. Expect a little over 5 hours of sunshine each day in December and slightly more than 12 hours worth of sun in July. January averages a high of 12 degrees (53 F) and a high of 16 degrees (60.8 F). July’s high temperature averages 22 degrees (72 F) with a high of 33 degrees (91 F).

6. Take part in a bevy of activities

The Atlantic Ocean provides the opportunity for surfing, fishing, and sailing. Plan an excursion to the beach for swimming and walking along the sand. Go sightseeing, participate in a cooking class, and be prepared to take plenty of pictures of the classic statues and fountains.

7. Experience history, culture, and charm

Walk along the cobbled streets of old town, where houses are frequently marked with graffiti or peeling paint. It’s part of the charm of historic Lisbon. Visit the Igreja de Sao Roque (St. Roque Church) and its famous Chapel of St. John the Baptist. After 29 years of construction, the church opened in 1619. Its stately exterior and lavish interior make it a must-see site.

8. Enjoy the multitude of beaches

White sandy beaches rest next to the Atlantic. They are popular gathering spots for locals and visitors because of the temperate year-round climate that makes frolicking in the ocean water inviting. 

9. Celebrity watch

There’s always the chance of spotting a celebrity like Selena Gomez or professional footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Lisbon’s friendly reputation draws tourists from near and far.

10. Compact and complete

Lovely scenery, intriguing shopping areas, party zones, and water sports are all within walking distance. If your vacation falls during the winter, you’ll find better parking and lower prices on events, rooms, and fares. The weather is warm enough to enjoy Lisbon while you forget the cold rain, snow, and damp fog of home.

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