Portugal – the best quality of life for expats in the world

In the InterNations Expat Insiders 2019 survey, Portugal came top for quality of life for foreigners living away from home.

InterNations is a global expat network with 3.6 million members worldwide. Each year the Expat Insider survey includes 64 countries and territories with a minimum of 75 respondents in each. The Quality of Life Index covers various factors from six different subcategories: Leisure Options, Health & Well-Being, Safety & Security, Personal Happiness, Travel & Transportation and Digital Life. 

The survey found that Portugal was the country which offered the best quality of life, up from second place last year, followed by Spain and Taiwan. The country has also improved by three ranks for safety and security, specifically in terms of political stability.

Close to 83% of the members questioned “considered it easy to become assimilated in Portugal” and feel at home here.

Answers cited the friendliness of the local people (putting Portugal in third place in this particular category), leisure options (taking second place), the chance of finding personal happiness (also putting Portugal as ‘2nd best place for this in the world’), health and well-being (7th position) and security (8th).

The country gains five places for available leisure activities, with 49% of respondents even being very happy with this factor. “It’s the combination of things,” an expat from the Netherlands says when talking about what he likes about Portugal, “weather, food, plenty of sites and events, the people, proximity to the beach, everything.”

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