Lisbon’s one month party time

Published on 6th June, 2014 by

Every year Lisbon comes alive for a month long party celebration that centers on the traditional Festas de Lisboa. Everyone comes together to enjoy and celebrate this wonderful and not to be missed festivity. Running from the last day of May right up to the beginning of July, this season of fun and entertainment is enjoyed both by the locals and by visitors from all over the world.

The streets of Portugal are alive with the festivities where time honored traditions are played out. The obvious party fever is felt everywhere and by everyone, making it a very popular event that attracts the attention of visitors from far and near.

The highlight of the season includes numerous parades that are featured all over the city on the 12th of June. The sound of laughter and gaiety fills the air as everyone excitedly prepares to be a part of this wondrous tradition. People from all walks of life come together bringing with them traditions in various different styles and colors. The streets are bath in colored themes that is a feast for the eye.

The sweet and tantalizing aromas of different traditional foods fill the air, making this another highlight of the season. The usual traditional foods such as sardinhada of grilled sardines can be found at almost every corner, further enhancing the festival experience. The grilled sardines have become an iconic symbol of the traditional festival. Colors and smells fill the atmosphere that gives both the locals and visitors to Lisbon a chance to experience traditional offerings at its absolute best.

Another wonderful addition to this world-renowned and attention grabbing festival is the possible introduction of locally developed wines. There is currently some exploration ventures being put together to develop the possibility of having wine yards in the region. This ground breaking news came in the light of a positive debate at the council meeting level, where there was a contract signing exercise with the city of Lisbon. This tentatively allows the company that is exploring the possibility of introducing wine production in the region to pursue this avenue in a legal and wholly approved manner.

Within the proposal, elements such as possible locations for the proposed wine yards were listed as council areas covering Olivais and Lisbon. This positive move will help to create a lot of new jobs for the people in the area. The proposed site is estimated to be about 30 000 square meters and the council in both Olivais and Lisbon have been tasked to take on the necessary official logistic to ensure this area is made available.

This is just one of the many ways the councils are working together to try to increase diversity in the area. With such projects, it is hoped that the people will not only have more employment opportunities but will also be able to enjoy the revenue brought in. By diversifying and reconciling the huge amounts of rural land available around Lisbon, it is hoped that biodiversity can be brought to higher and more beneficial levels.

Putting these rural spaces to good use while at the same time providing the much-needed employment for its people, the councils in and around Lisbon are working together for the benefit of all.

The month long Festas de Lisboa celebrations will help to bring everyone together to enjoy the beautiful traditions of Portugal. This month long party event is enjoyed by all ages and many visitors come back for more every year. The wonderful celebrations create a festive time to be remembered and cherished always.

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