June events in Portugal

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June is festival month in Portugal when the Festas dos Santos Populares (the popular saint festivals) are celebrated. Here are five of our favourite events:

10th June - Dia de Camões - Portuguese National Day

Known as the Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities, it celebrates the death of the author Luis de Camões who wrote Os Lusíadas, Portugal's national epic poem celebrating Portuguese history and achievements.

Portugal Day is a national holiday paying tribute to Portugal, the Portuguese people, the Lusophone culture, and the Portuguese presence worldwide.

15th – 16th and 22nd – 23rd June - Rock in Rio, outdoor rock concerts – Lisbon

Tejo Park in Lisbon will host one of the world’s biggest music and entertainment festivals. In addition to the concerts, families are invited to spend the day relaxing in the garden areas and enjoying the entertainment activities, including the Radical Space - where the more adventurous can go snowboarding on the real snow track - and the Kids Space which offers many children’s activities.

21st – 30th June – Sanjoaninas – Azores

The Sanjoaninas, are the biggest popular festivities in the Azores and offer a visiting card for many tourists who journey to Terceira Island, to partake in and share local traditions and customs. The Sanjoaninas festivities date back to the XVI century and have always played a key role in the culture of the Azores. They begin with the opening procession and march of the queen and continue for several days, encompassing cultural, recreational, ethnographic, and sporting activities.

23rd – 24th June – Festa de São João (St. John's Day festival) - Porto

Celebrate the feasts of São João, the most revered saint of Porto. The biggest parties of the year are of pagan origin, associated with the summer solstice celebration, and marked by dancing, eating and fireworks. There is also an all-night concert and bonfire jumping with everyone hitting each other with small novelty (plastic) hammers!

27th – 30th June – Med 24 World Music Festival – Loulé

The Med Festival will bring life and excitement to the streets of Loulé. With “music and much more”, the festival presents numerous forms of art, including handicraft exhibitions, dance performances, street theatre plus restaurants with cuisine from around the world.

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