25 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Portugal Home

Good planning will help you accomplish the DIY décor you have in mind for your Portugal home this year. Setting aside the time is more important than saving up money because quite a few things can be done without breaking the bank. Use the following 25 tips to give your home a fresh, new look.

  1. Bring the room together using two contrasting colours like scarlet and bright white. Draw attention to the colors by placing white throw pillows and a soft afghan on the scarlet sofa. Place scarlet bolsters along the sides of the white armchairs.
  2. An electrical ceiling hardwire kit or electrical swag kit creates a spot to hang a light topped with a fancy, inexpensive bamboo basket cover. It’s best to have the wiring installed by a professional electrician to avoid problems. Browse through the online options to find ideas for any room in the house.
  3. There’s no need to replace the lampshades you love. Add a colourful ribbon or paint the exterior in a shade that complements the room. Let them dry before returning them to each lamp.
  4. Enjoy a picnic on any of the Algarve Beaches. Meia Praia is a favorite beach to look for seashells while strolling along the sand. You can use the broken pieces to decorate the walls, edges of mirrors, and bowls. The lovely accents add a unique appeal to your DIY décor.
  5. The picture gallery is still in fashion. Show off your favorite family photos. Add pictures of places you’ve visited or create a “bucket list” display of landmarks you still want to see. Look around the house to determine where the display will make the most impact and create a map to indicate where each picture will be placed.
  6. Some of the best DIY ideas come from big box stores and small boutiques. Find an idea you’d like in your home while browsing through IKEA’s Algarve Shopping Complex. Even adding a decorative tile above the kitchen sink will make the room more cheerful and bright.
  7. Add colorful tiles to the front of your bookshelves. They will catch the sun and brighten the room.
  8. Repurpose an old picture frame with a coat of paint. Add a slotted base to the inside of the bottom edge. Hang the frame and place a decorative china saucer to create a conversation piece.
  9. Add sparkle to dark areas by using durable, inexpensive acrylic crystal pendants as accents.
  10. Switch the look of bathroom fixtures by installing a new faucet and handles. You’ll find them online or at hardware stores.
  11. Is it time to change the curtains or drapes? Flat sheets with thousands of patterns offer a wide variety for the DIY homeowner. Pin or stitch the top and slide it over the curtain rod for simple, inexpensive look you like.
  12. Cover worn cushions and chairs with slipcovers. It’s fast, easy, and inexpensive!
  13. Use accessories sparingly. Keep extras in a box and exchange them every month or so to keep your home feeling new.
  14. Hang mirrors across from windows. They reflect the light and brighten the room.
  15. Rearrange the artwork in the house. Guests will inquire about the new painting or sculpture you’ve added.
  16. Measure the backsplash in the kitchen and cover with colourful tiles.
  17. Keep a crystal vase on the table in the entryway and put a few of the gorgeous Portugal flowers in it every few days.
  18. Change the trim above the bedroom floor. Go wider or narrower, or add a complementary color to make the room seem larger.
  19. Add a vivid splash of color to the kitchen with terra cotta pots. Paint them in your favorite colors and let dry. Plant basil, peppermint, and other herbs in each one. Put the pots on a tray to avoid water spillage and place it on the kitchen windowsill to add décor and the benefit of fresh herbs.
  20. If you spot something you love at the open market and it’s a good price, pick it up, take it home, and clean it. Small decorative items add a new look to your home at an inexpensive price.
  21. Is there one area in your home where a small piece of carpet would perk up the appearance? Look for high-quality remnants at any of the local carpet stores. Bind the edges yourself or ask to have it done for you. Fringe is also an option for decorative appeal.
  22. Shop for decorative knobs to replace the ones on your cabinets. Acrylic glass, beveled copper, and old-fashioned porcelain are some ideas. Make a note of how many you need in each room and head for the local bazaar, antique shop, or hardware store to see what you can find.
  23. Paint the front door. Fasten a decorative frame or tile to the center to add appeal.
  24. Look for sales on paint. Use it to spruce up the outdoor metal furniture instead of buying new.
  25. Add a fresh look to the bathroom with designer hooks and a new rod. The wide variety of designs for shower curtains includes colorful wildlife photos, scenes of a favorite movie, and dazzling solid or patterned colors.

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