Attractions in Porto And The Green Coast

The north of Portugal is a beautiful region with stunning landscapes and spectacular vineyards as well as the second largest city in Portugal; Porto.

Porto And The Green Coast Attractions

The Old city of Porto was classified as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1996 and the city is filled with historic landmarks and historic buildings such as Oporto Cathedral, the church of Cedofeita and the Igreja de São Francisco church; all some of the oldest remaining historic buildings in the city. Porto is known as the city of bridges due to the large number of waterways from the Duoro River that runs through the city. Make sure to visit some of the beautiful bridges if you go to Porto and a cruise on the river is also a great way to enjoy the beautiful olive groves and rich vineyards.

From Porto up to the Spanish border is Costa Verde or the Green coast which is a beautiful sandy stretch of coastline and ideal for water sport activities like surfing and kayaking. Much of the coast is protected for their special wildlife and new and interesting methods of agricultures, like cultivation between the sand dunes are being developed in this area. All along the coast are lively and vibrant resorts like Espinho and Vila do Conde.

If you go to the north a trip to one of the many vineyards is a must. Port wine gets its name from this region and is solely produced in the Duoro area. The Doura region is striking with its old vineyard cultivated slopes that are also a World Heritage Site, and a number of pretty little towns all with different traditions and histories. In this area you will also find the Amarante Water Park and the Serra das meadas Biological Park where you can experience the wildlife first hand.

The Oporto region also has the city of Braga which offers fantastic architecture and many historic buildings and monuments for example the Braga cathedral from the 13th century and the district of Viana Do Castelo which is an incredible place for nature lovers with its golden beaches, mountains and the Lima River.