Discover The Alentejo

The Alentejo region is a place of true beauty, largely unspoilt by the trappings of modern life. It stretches from the Tagus River in the north to the Algarve in the south. It borders Spain in the east and the Lisbon metropolitan area in the west. The Alentejo region is the breadbasket of Portugal. It is a land of undulating plains.

The economic mainstay of the region is generally agriculture, livestock and wood products. From the region, come products such as grain, sunflower, fruit and vegetables. Popular livestock products include pigs and lamb. The region is not lacking in mineral wealth as well. Out of Alentejo come granite, schist and marble. Granite is common in the hills that border the Spanish border in the northeast. The land is expansive with many opportunities to obtain a good Portugal property at an exciting price.

The region has rich fertile soils that are good for agricultural practice. The land and its inhabitants are supplied with water from public dams that have been constructed all over the region. The biggest dam is the Alqueva, which is located in the rich agricultural region of Moura. It is one of the biggest dams in Europe.

The Alentejo region has many tourist attractions. The region is rich in history. It is the site of many ancient ruins and historic buildings. The region has retained many Roman-era buildings and medieval architecture still standing today. Evora is the capital of the region. It is 130 km east of Lisbon. It has a small airport and maintains a train and bus service that operates in the city. It is the best place to live in the region due to its laid-back lifestyle. It has a major university within its vicinity. With a little help, you can own a plush Portugal property within the city of Evora.

The capital city of the Alentejo has a number of historic buildings including what was then the ‘Temple to Diana’ constructed by the Romans. The historical ruins of these towns reflect their violent past where invasion armies such as the Romans, Vandals and Moor raided and occupied these lands. Due to its rich historical and cultural background the city of Evora is now a world heritage site as classified by UNESCO.

The region of Alentejo has eight towns, the main ones being Evora and Beja. The others are small towns, which previously engaged in fishing activities. Some of those towns such as Sesimbra and Setubal still have a reputation as good places to eat fresh fish. It also has a number of beach villages to visit such as the Almograve, Zambujeira do Mar and Vila Nova de Milfontes. Along the beach, a keen investor may find a Portugal property going for a fraction of the price of other beach properties in Europe.

Horse lovers should not fail to visit the town of Alto do Chao where a horse stud farm started in 1748 keeps exotic breeds. Tourists have the opportunity to visit the military museum while there. Portugal property prices have been on the steady rise in the last decade. Many people have been attracted to Portugal by the quiet and peaceful atmosphere in the country. Other parts of Portugal have received their fair share of foreign investment and property prices in such regions are quite high. Many investors have bought homes in Lisbon and in the Algarve area. However, the Alentejo region is just beginning to open up. There area has beautiful sceneries and pristine beaches that are virtually untouched. In this region, you will be surprised to find deserted beaches in the high season, something that is unheard of in most of Europe.

Alentejo has begun to attract interest from tourists and investors alike due to the new infrastructure developments put up in the area. It is an attractive place to invest and enjoys warm weather for a considerable period during the year. Many properties are up for sale or hire including apartments, small lots, town houses villas, country homes and seaside resorts. The town of Sines on the southern part of the region is a busy port with a number of industries including refineries. Tourism is yet to pick up though. The region also has its fair share of ancient ruins, castles and other historical buildings.

Land valuers expect Portugal property prices to increase with the building of a new theme park, a Formula 1 racetrack and a number of golf courses. This would seem to be the best time to buy property when the prices are still low. Obtain detailed information concerning available investment opportunities in Alentejo, by going online to . You will not be disappointed