Golden Visa status: Alive and Well

It is no longer possible to acquire a Golden Visa simply by purchasing real estate. However, various qualifying touristic investments offer attractive returns and stunning accommodation, which may suit many investor's needs.

New rules mean a new law

After the publication of the new housing law “Mais Habitação” on the 3rd of October 2023 (Lei n.º 56/2023, de 06 de Outubro), the Portuguese Parliament has once again changed the Portuguese Golden Visa Programme.

Ways to apply for the Golden Visa Programme

  1. Creation of at least 10 job positions.
  2. Invest €500,000 in research activities.
  3. Invest €250.000 to support the investment in artistic/cultural production.
  4. Invest €500,000 in investment funds.
  5. Set up a company, investing €500,000 and creating five permanent jobs.

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