Golf Living
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Reference PP174907

Cascais, Lisbon & Lisbon Coast


Built in: 2025


Golf Living

Golf Living

Prices from  € 1,280,000 £ 1,075,743 $ 1,368,550

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This Development is a unique experience. It is much more than a residential development, it is the embodiment of the prestige and exclusivity that Estoril represents. This is a unique opportunity to be part of a legacy of tradition, natural beauty and sophistication, where golf is the epicentre of life. This is the residential project that provides the privilege of living on the oldest golf course in Portugal, a place that breathes history and elegance.

Estoril Golf, with its rich and legendary history, is an essential part of the culture and scenery of Estoril. Founded in 1929, this historical golf course has been a meeting place for golf enthusiasts from around the world. Its prestige and tradition make it a unique place for those who enjoy this sport and the elegance that accompanies it. Besides the golf course, Estoril offers an unparalleled proximity to nature.

The Estoril Golf Club is nestled between lush green hills and panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean. This unforgettable landscape serves as the perfect setting for this Development, offering its residents a lifestyle that combines the serenity of nature with the convenience of urban life. Imagine waking up every morning to stunning views of the golf course, with the perfectly manicured greens and ocean skyline as a backdrop.This is the experience that is offered to its residents, an experience that celebrates the beauty of Estoril and the tradition of Estoril Golf. More than an address, it is a lifestyle.

The Development consists of 31 apartments distributed in typologies from 2 bedroom apartments to 4+1 bedroom apartments, all with terrace and outdoor areas, perfectly integrated with the large dimensioned interior spaces that are equipped with state-of-the-art household appliances and premium finishes.

There are also two penthouse units on the rooftop, with superb views and a private swimming pool. Golf Residences is not just a residence, it’s a lifestyle. The residents will have access to a condominium with swimming pool, garden and parking, an environment where privilege and exclusivity become part of everyday life. Exclusive location Estoril, located just 25 kilometres from Lisbon, is recognized as one of the most exclusive destinations in Portugal. With its beaches bathed in the Atlantic Ocean, mild climate all year round and stunning natural landscapes, it is a paradise that offers a unique blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication.

This region is synonymous with quality of life, offering a number of advantages that few locations can match. Here, privilege is felt at every turn, whether in the quiet and safe atmosphere of its streets, the cultural and entertainment options available or the high-level education and business opportunities. A compromise between quality and luxury This residential project was conceived with an unwavering commitment to quality and luxury. Every detail of the Development reflects the desire for excellence, from the highest quality finishes to elegant architecture. Here, residents will find an exclusive community that values prestige and comfort. It is a harmonious fusion between the best of contemporary design and the classical charm of Estoril. Be part of this legacy of tradition, beauty and sophistication. This is the opportunity to live a unique life, at the epicentre of what Estoril has to offer.


Apartment 186 m2 0 m2 3 3 € 2,050,000 £ 1,722,870 $ 2,191,819 Available
Apartment 186 m2 0 m2 3 3 € 2,332,600 £ 1,960,375 $ 2,493,969 Available
Apartment 142 m2 0 m2 3 3 € 1,710,000 £ 1,437,126 $ 1,828,298 Available
Apartment 142 m2 0 m2 3 3 € 1,750,000 £ 1,470,743 $ 1,871,065 Available
Apartment 142 m2 0 m2 3 3 € 1,498,000 £ 1,258,956 $ 1,601,631 Available
Apartment 142 m2 0 m2 3 3 € 1,470,000 £ 1,235,424 $ 1,571,694 Available
Apartment 142 m2 0 m2 3 4 € 1,280,000 £ 1,075,743 $ 1,368,550 Available
Apartment 286 m2 0 m2 4 5 € 3,600,000 £ 3,025,529 $ 3,849,048 Available
Apartment 194 m2 0 m2 3 3 € 2,140,000 £ 1,798,509 $ 2,288,045 Available
Apartment 194 m2 0 m2 3 3 € 1,890,000 £ 1,588,402 $ 2,020,750 Available

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Cascais, Lisbon & Lisbon Coast

 Cascais, Lisbon & Lisbon Coast

Located on the Lisbon Coast and only thirty kilometers from Lisbon, Cascais is a former fishing village that is now counted as one of the wealthiest cities in all of Portugal.

This resort city of about 35,000 residents first gained fame when the Portuguese royal family made Cascais their vacation destination of choice in the late 1800’s. This fame has not yet waned and Cascais remains an immensely popular destination for both visitors and those wanting to purchase a property in Cascais.

 Cascais, Lisbon & Lisbon Coast

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