Message from the Group Directors

Michael Vincent, Managing Director

When I launched Portugal Property I promised a company that was different, that adapted to clients’ needs and genuinely provided unbiased, honest and trustworthy advice. I wanted a company that was going to be here for the long haul. That cared about its clients, and by doing the right thing every day, be that sourcing the best available investment apartment or block, or searching day after day, month after months until we found exactly what it was our client were looking for.

Having spent many enjoyable years here in this fantastic country, I have a deep respect for the people of Portugal and all who live here. Today I am not surprised at the progress Portugal is making, and the ever increasing demand for property in Portugal. Portugal and the Algarve has it all, the Arts, Culture, Nightlife, Shopping, some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, amazing marinas, not forgetting many of Europe’s best golf courses.

My clients place their trust in me and our company and I am delighted for them that we do not fail to deliver. We continually strive for the best!

I hope to see you soon in Portugal, and I am sure you will find nothing but a first class service when choosing Portugal Property to be your estate agent in Portugal and the Algarve.

Kind Regards

Michael Vincent

David Rowat, Business Development Director

As you have reached this page, you are trying to understand who we are and what we believe in. So my task, within a few words is to express my feelings about and the pleasure I derive from running the operation here in Portugal.

It’s not about the properties, more about creating opportunities to improve the quality of their lives and often turning that dream into a reality.

David Rowat - Business Development Director

I am probably a workaholic. I say 'probably' as it's generally accepted as a negative term but when given the choice of a day on the beach or seeing the joy in clients' faces when we find them the ideal property then the latter wins hands down. I have performed many roles in my life, I have always been a success and this company was not in my thoughts ten years ago when I downsized and sought early retirement in Portugal. Two things changed - I accepted that I couldn't live without my passion for work, my passion to create, to grow and be recognised for my achievements and secondly I was blessed with a child I thought I wouldn't have.

So the voyage began, the seedlings were planted and what started as a small family concern grew until we reached the stage where we had to become the number one property company in Portugal - and to be number one we insisted on the best brand name. What we have now built is the best website on Portugal and it's properties that are for sale. Thousands of clients each month look at these web pages from their homes in colder climates - Fridays are busy nights. Why? Well, because like me, many years ago, the dream of owning property abroad kept many of us sane. After another cold, dark and rainy week, be it in either the UK, Ireland, Belgium, Finland or Russia, the frustration can be forgotten as you click through the pages and dream of what might be. And then at some point it becomes possible; an inheritance, a payrise or perhaps the sale of your home and the reality dawns - 'we could do this'.

This is what we see, week in and week out, the birth of reality, the daily grind being converted into a bright and glorious future - and so, for me and my like-minded team, these goals, desires and aspirations are contagious. We become enwrapped in our clients wishes and there is no way we want to extinguish the dream.

So our part in this is simple. We have the best service, the best properties, the best staff, the best and most informative website and we never let a client down.

That is my message to you - you bring the dream and we will make it happen because we understand how long and how hard you have worked to reach this point.

Enjoy the site, enjoy the dream and come out and see me - I won't be on the beach.

Kind Regards

David Rowat