Superb Vineyard In A Delightful Rural Location

Superb land of vineyard set in a very nice and rural area in Ovar.

Vineyard grape wine (new): 16HA. Vineyard grape wine: 80ha. Installed in 2013. Vineyard: 25ha. Cereals irrigation (5 irrigation pivots and drop-by-drop): 280HA. Traditional olive grove: 50ha. Olive grove irrigation: 80ha. Irrigation drop by drop. 8 Varieties of domestic varieties.

Production of around 3.000kg of grapes per year.

Storage capacity of 3000 litres, modern laboratory, wine area with 4.800 m2.

Barrels: French, American oak and eastern. Bottling Line: bottles 0.25ML, 0.50ML, 0.75ML and 1L. Filling in Bag & Box: 0.50ML, 1L, 3L, 5L and 10L.

Excellent location!!!

Property Features

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