Beautiful Two-Unit Townhouse in Campanhã

This beautifully redone home in Campanhã was completely reconstructed from an old cellar and dilapidated house into two separate units, part of one large townhouse.  There is a two-bedroom apartment on the ground floor, with one full bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen.  The original stone arch of the cellar has been preserved as a beautiful centre feature. 

The main house has many large south-facing windows that line the combined living room and dining room area, and the main entrance can function both as a large window or as a door. The primary entrance is in the back, by the kitchen, leading into a lovely space, with an adjacent pantry closet and a full bathroom.

Three bedrooms were made up in the back of the home, with a master bedroom to the right of the hallway, and a smaller bedroom converted into an office space.  Between the two rooms, there is access to a third room.  All three rooms have storage spaces and excellent lighting. 

Outside, there is a large car parking area that can easily fit four cars, and the back gardens have multiple fruit trees.  There are two orange trees and lemon, pomegranate, persimmon, olive, and apple trees.  There is a beautiful space under the large persimmon tree with lots of shade and an herb garden. The seating area has an adjacent barbeque area and a separate building for the laundry room and water heater, connected to solar panels. 

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Property Features

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