Carefully Crafted Apartments

The coastal lifestyle extends to the interior of the complex, with landscaped common spaces, private terraces and sunny balconies that exude life and vitality

The building unfolds around a meticulously landscaped central courtyard adorned with lush vegetation - an idyllic setting tailored for family living. The landscape design envelops each private terrace in natural beauty, fostering an outdoor lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the cheerful laughter of children playing within the comforts of this secluded space while you unwind on your terrace, enjoying the serenity after another day in the sun.

Awash in a refined coastal colour palette featuring stone-like ceramics and wood grain, this residence becomes a haven of natural serenity - a sanctuary of the highest order. Conclude a day at the beach in the tranquility of your master bedroom en-suite, adorned with porcelain-tiled surfaces inspired by the texture of the nearby cliffs. Natural-feel cabinets and brushed steel taps complete the bathroom, transforming your personal space into a rich sensory experience.

Sculpted balconies expand horizons, embracing the natural beauty of the coastal town. Expansive windows invite abundant natural light, while generous balconies and private terraces offer the perfect spot for savouring morning coffee in the sunlight, accompanied by the refreshing sea air.

The boundary between exterior and interior blurs in open and fluid spaces, purposefully designed to enhance the connection with nature.

Additional Features and Amenities:

Property Features

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