Luxury Living: Two-Bedroom Apartments in the Heart of Porto

This project has been meticulously designed to make the most of outdoor living and green spaces for its residents. In your private garden, you can enjoy leisurely walks and create memorable moments with your children and/or beloved pets.

With trees, footpaths, schools, healthcare facilities, and transportation services all conveniently close to your home, your time gains added value. You'll reduce your resource consumption on travel, breathe cleaner air, savour the scenery, and invest your energy in what truly matters.

You can choose from two or three-bedroom apartments.

Located in the Paranhos area, it boasts excellent access to the heart of Porto and key business, education, healthcare, and entertainment services. The design is focused on optimising outdoor spaces and greenery for residents, allowing you to take leisurely strolls and create cherished moments with your pets and/or children.

Paranhos is the perfect setting, being one of Porto's finest residential areas. The outstanding location and historical significance come together seamlessly to provide an urban lifestyle enriched with leisure opportunities. The exceptional surroundings, including top-notch services, infrastructure, and convenient connectivity to both the city's inner and outer parts, make this location a standout.

This investment has garnered widespread interest, both as a primary residence and for rental purposes, as Paranhos is home to Porto's largest University Hub, housing some of the city's most prestigious universities and colleges


Property Features

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