Land with project for Bungalows

The land described has an area of 10000m2 and is located in the region of Prazeres, in Calheta. The location is close to services such as shops and urban infrastructure. In addition, it is close to levadas, which are historic irrigation channels and nature trails much appreciated for hiking in Madeira. The proximity to the beaches is also an advantage, being possible to reach them in approximately 10 minutes.

The land has a project study for the development of a Bungalow development, only future approval is needed. Bungalows are small individual houses, usually with a single floor, which provide a cozy and rustic atmosphere. This project may be attractive to those wishing to invest in a sustainable tourism venture, enhancing the natural beauty of the region and offering a closer-to-nature experience to visitors.

The mention of environmental protection suggests that the project was planned to respect and preserve nature and local biodiversity, seeking to minimize negative environmental impacts. This can be an important differentiator, especially for travelers concerned with sustainability and seeking experiences in the midst of nature.

In summary, the land in Prazeres, Calheta, with 10000m2, is an opportunity for investors interested in creating a sustainable and rustic bungalow tourism development, taking advantage of the proximity to services, levadas and beaches, in addition to valuing the protection of the natural environment.

Property Features

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