Last One!!! Fantastic Zen Villa With Country And Ocean Views

Honeysands Residences is a new community development in the village of Abelheira, near the Areia Branca beach on the Silver Coast of Portugal. These private residences overlook the rolling hills and farmland of the Lourinhã region, looking out towards the sea in the near distance. This distinctive rural landscape and nearby sea form the natural backdrop of Honeysands.


Honeysands comprises 14 apartments within a main building and 3 separate houses. Each house is entirely private, in its own space, but set within the private Honeysands estate, where family and friends will always feel welcome and can come and go in a constant flow. This openness is reflected in the landscaping of the grounds, with gardens, swimming pools, picnic and barbeque areas and each property owning its own allotment for growing seasonal greens.

This is a base camp for settlers, surfers and adventurers and an oasis of calm for the benefit of relaxers, nature lovers and sea seekers. Whether you are looking for a place to live or to escape to, Honeysands provides great comfort indoors and out, while at the same time promoting and maintaining sustainability throughout.

Honeysands is located within a 40-minute drive from Lisbon Airport, in the peaceful village of Abelheira. It is
5 minutes from Areia Branca beach, peacefully situated, but conveniently placed within easy reach of the useful shops and town centre of Lourinhã, 10 minutes away.

Honeysands 14 apartments and 3 houses lie within a 9,900 m2 plot of land, designed with a sea-view swimming pool, picnic area, pond, and fruit orchards reflecting the agricultural character of the region, notably the heartland of the Pera Rocha (DOP pear) and Maça de Alcobaça (Alcobaça apple), alongside a great variety of Portuguese plant varieties.

The project has ample underground and surface car parking, a large private gym and an exercise room for the use of owners and their guests.

Close to the famous surf spots of “Peniche” further north, the location is also close to the historically important cultural gem of Obidos, 25 minutes by car. Honeysands sits within the Torres Vedras wine region, which has several open farms and wineries, castles and fortresses to discover, while Lourinhã is the Jurassic capital of Portugal, where most dinosaur remains and fossils are to be found in the country.

Honeysands is located in a region with a strong horticultural tradition especially focused on fruit and vegetables. Accordingly, the green spaces conceived within the gardens include an area dedicated to orchards and vegetable growing, with each apartment and house entitled to a small allotment of land for cultivation.

Rainwater is harvested from a wildlife pond at the bottom of the garden, which is used to water vegetable gardens and orchards.


There are ONLY three houses at Honeysands Residences, each set in its own 750 m2 plot of land within the estate. Each has three bedrooms over two levels, with a private garden area and private plunge pool. Owners and their families also have access to the communal swimming pool and other facilities, including a gym and exercise room.

Property Features

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