House with Local Accommodation, Winery and Museum - Pico Island

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'The Buraca' for those who don't know. is a wine tourism enterprise where in addition to the craft shop has a potter's workshop, a blacksmith's tent, workshops linked to straw, wool and wicker in order to show the visitor some activities related to Wine.

Composed of wine cellar, liqueurs and typical spirits, with traditional / industrial cuisine where you can be made several typical dishes that can be enjoyed on site, as well as in a wine tasting.

A museum area that portrays the experiences of the people of Pico over the years, and also local accommodation unit as well as a private villa.

With lots of stone details throughout the enterprise, the thresher where there is still a decoy, the cistern with always fresh water, the warehouses of the cellar with stones full of history.

In addition to the commercial attributes, the residential portions of this property would make an excellent AL or event venue. 

Property Features

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