Gorgeous 19th Century River Front Palace of Great Historical Importance

Quinta do Relógio, a historic gem nestled near Lisbon, stands as a testament to architectural grandeur and royal legacy. Constructed in 1860 under the visionary guidance of Tomás Maria Bessone and architect Cinatti de Siena, its Italian-influenced design and Neoclassical flair are immediately apparent. The property, once graced by King Ferdinand II of Portugal, continues to hold a royal connection through its current ownership linked to the lineage of King John I and Philippa of Lancaster.

Spanning approximately 6,000m² with a substantial built area of 1,650m², this majestic estate comprises a main palace, the iconic Clock Tower, and various auxiliary structures, encompassing around 40 distinct rooms. Its strategic south-facing orientation overlooks the tranquil Tagus River and the vast Atlantic Ocean, offering breathtaking views and a serene ambiance.

The estate's grounds are an oasis of lush, rare vegetation, some centuries old, beautifully contrasting with the sea. Sumptuous ornamentation, sizable gardens, courtyards, and sea-view terraces further enhance its Neoclassical aesthetic. Practical features include ample parking, garages, stables, staff quarters, an independent flat, and even an intriguing underground tunnel connecting to the sea.

Located in Oeiras, a hub of economic and technological progress, Quinta do Relógio enjoys easy access to major motorways, a nearby train station, and is a mere 20-minute drive from central Lisbon and its international airport. The property offers both accessibility and privacy thanks to its three (possibly four) gated entrances and tall, secure walls surrounding it.

While in good overall condition, some areas may require maintenance. Notably, the property is classified as a “Quinta de Grau B” by the Oeiras municipality, allowing for amplification of existing structures and new constructions, subject to certain conditions.

Quinta do Relógio presents a multitude of possibilities for discerning buyers or investors. Whether envisioning a luxurious hotel, an exclusive retirement home, a cultural museum, a corporate headquarters, or a unique family residence, this property offers unparalleled potential in a historically rich and visually stunning setting.

In summary, Quinta do Relógio is a rare blend of historical significance, architectural beauty, and versatile potential, ideally located and rich in amenities, making it a unique and coveted property on the Lisbon coastline."

This revised description paints a more vivid picture of the property, emphasizing its historical importance, architectural features, and potential uses, thereby making it more appealing and informative to prospective buyers or investors.

Property Features

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