Gorgeous 19th Century River Front Palace of Great Historical Importance

The property “Quinta do Relógio”, named after the clock-tower  - which tops the gardens - was constructed by Tomás Maria  Bessone, having been concluded in 1860 under the direction of the architect Cinatti de Siena, who become responsible for the clear Italian influence visible in its structure. Later, the property was a residence of His Royal Highness, King Ferdinand II of Portugal.  

Currently, the property belongs to the descendants of King John the Ist and Philippa of Lancaster,  

The property presents a markedly Neoclassical atmosphere seen in the sumptuous ornamentation of the buildings, surrounded by an important vegetation where stand out several rare species, all these growing for some hundred years and confronting directly with the sea.

The property is located over the Marginal road Lisboa Cascais, about 20 minutes from the centre of Lisbon and it's international airport. The property in its whole, in particular the main façade of the Palace, is facing South over the river Tagus and the Atlantic Ocean.

The property is located in the municipality of Oeiras which, in terms of economic development and new technologies, is considered one of the most advanced in the country and has great access to motorways and main roads and just a few minutes away there is also a train station.  

The Quinta do Relógio is composed by a Palace, a Tower of  the Clock and by several accessory constructions, with a total of 40 different rooms. The Palace includes several gardens, courtyards and  terraces overlooking the sea. A garage for several cars, stables, a house for the staff, an independent flat and exterior parking.

The Quinta do Relógio has a rectangular format and a total area of about 6000m2, with a covered/constructed area of 1,600m2. The property features tall walled fencing all around and has 3 gated entrance with the possibility of a fourth one onto another street. 
The overall condition of the property is good, although some areas might require maintenance. 
The Quinta do Relógio has its own water resources and is connected to the sea by an underground tunnel.

According to the Safeguard Plan of the municipality of Oeiras  buildings and environment (Plano de Salvaguarda do  Património Construído e Ambiental do Concelho de Oeiras),  the Quinta do Relógio is classified as a “Quinta de Grau B”  which states that the pre-existent buildings can be amplified  and new constructions can be implanted as long as the  features of the existing buildings and its surroundings are  respected.

This property is available for various buyers/investors, those looking to build a Hotel or a Luxury Retirement Home, a museum or company setting or a Unique Family Home.


The property Quinta do Relógio;

1. Is directly facing the river Tagus and the Atlantic Ocean and it stands in the souroundings of Lisbon

2. Is composed by a Palace, a Clock Tower and several complementary buildings, including about 40 rooms

3. Has 3 entrances with main road access and a fourth one is foreseen

4. Has about 6.000 m2, including about 1.650 m2 of built area

5. Is autonomous in water and linked to the sea by a tunnel

6. Is free from any type of taxation and charges

7. Was concluded in 1860 under the direction of the architect Cinatti de Siena and was a residence of His Royal Highness, King Ferdinand II of Portugal.

Property Features

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