Blue Palace is located in Alegria Sq. a very small and charming square right next to Avenida da Liberdade.

Avenida da Liberdade is the most well-known avenue in Lisbon. It’s a very prime location, where all the main Luxury Couture and Jeweler brands are located.

Its also considered Prime CBD and the heart of Lisbon.

It was inspired by Paris’ Champs-Élysées. It's a tree-lined avenue connecting two squares (Praça dos Restauradores and Praça Marquês de Pombal).

It dates back to the XVIII Century when it was ordered to be built by Pombal Marquis, right after the 1755 Earthquake, to be a walking garden and a big boulevard.

Then in 1879, it was changed to become an Avenue. Is beautifully paved with Portugal’s traditional cobbled design.


The Hotel project is fully approved for a 5* Luxury Boutique Hotel, renovating the existent building and adapting it to a high-end hotel product.

The gross construction/rehabilitation was already made between 2018 and 2020, with all the interiors already in concrete. This is a huge upside because what is traditionally the most difficult process in rehabilitation work like this, is already done.

Project Concept

Blue Palace will be a wonderful 5* Luxury Boutique Hotel.

The existing building dating from 1796, will be completely refurbished into a high-end luxury hotel, with all the detail and work. It will have 35 suites equipped with high-end amenities.

The Restaurant will aim to be one of the best restaurants in Lisbon, with very distinguished and refined service.

The Spa will be amazing, allowing the guest to have a relaxed and exquisite relaxation service.

The target of the project is to create a reference Hotel in Lisbon, in a Prime Location, targeting the luxury market.

Project Benefits 

- GV350 Qualified

- Upfront Payment of 3,5% of the Initial Investment per Year, for the first 5 years, corresponding to 61,250€.

- From the 6th year onwards, payment of 8.500€ per year.

- Upon sale of the Asset, between the 7th to 9th year, 50% of the Added Value from the sale is shared with the Investors, over the return of the initial investment.

- Client can book a Room for 1 Weeks per year, during the full programme duration with Breakfast included.

- IMT is refundable after construction is finished.

- Prime Location of the Asset, in the capital city of Portugal, is located in the most well know and luxury Avenue of Lisbon.

- Heritage & Historical Asset, dated from the XVIII Century, that belonged to the Count of S. Miguel.

- Luxury Boutique Hotel, for a very high-end clientele.

- Probably the best GV350 in the market! Contact us for more details.

Property Features

For further information or to arrange to view this property please contact us on our International Number +351 308 800 878 or from the UK 0800 014 8201 or from Portugal +351 308 800 878 or email us on