Lapa, Brand New Duplex Apartment With Patio And Park View

Brand new, elegant and modern duplex apartment with 35 m2 private patio and park view located in Lapa, an authentic Lisbon neighbourhood. Condominium with amenities and parking place.

"In the eighteenth century, when Lisbon was still expanding, this was the area the nobility and upper classes chose to live in. Nowadays, you can still feel this historical pedigree. It is one of the most pleasant districts of Lisbon, with its perfectly-preserved old mansions, many of them former palaces and palacetes (small palaces). Most of the foreign embassies in Portugal are also located in this area."

“The proximity of the river, as well as the magnificent view, are reason enough to claim Lisbon as one of the most charming capitals of Europe.”

"The Lapa neighbourhood still remains true to its past, with its steeply sloping streets, elegant buildings and balconies filled with flowers."

Property Features

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