Unique Property In Serta

This is a property of excellent quality, built at the end of the 19th century and originally belonging to José Alves Pereira, a lieutenant in the Portuguese army who participated in the first world war. This house, which was distinguished from all the others in the village for having an inverted roof, became famous for this and for being one of the most comfortable and valuable at the time, being also called the house of the three nozzles. 

Returning from the war, José Alves Pereira, an outstanding musician and lover of the arts got married but ended up not having children. However, he had nine brothers and many nephews, so everyone in the village treated him as "TIO TENENTE".

With his death, his entire fortune was divided by judicial means and since he had no direct heirs, the property ended up being abandoned for several years, which led to its degradation. In the meantime, one of the heiresses acquired the remaining parts of the property and turned it into a hotel, giving it a name by which it was once known, "A CASA DO TIO TENENTE", in homage to him, with the intention of preserving his.

The property was restored in order to maintain all its identity, preserving its insertion in the Schist Villages of Beira Baixa. The entire exterior is covered with shale stone and its interior is covered with pine wood on the floor, on the walls and ceilings, making the property very comfortable and a unique place in the region.

Property Features

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